Blocking and butt joints, advice please


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Blocking and butt joints, advice please

Alright , I tend to overthink things. I'll try to make it short. I'm building a 35x21 ft deck. (Dimensions match what was there ). I am doing a joist over beam with a 2ft canteliver. Beams are triple 2x10's, joists are 2x8's, 9ft and 12 ft long.(Had to set posts at 9ft due to underground utilities ).

I am getting ready to put the joist in. I was going to do traditional 16" centers until I got to reading about how it's REALLY preferred to land the ends on double joist. My problem is I only have 8ft deck boards. I was unable to store anything longer. I had to buy them a month and half before I could start building. Anyways, if I double the joists where the butts land, it would add a ton of extra joists with 8ft boards. I was reading about a "feature" board or "seam" board. This seems like a nice option that would allow full width screw area and look cool too. Am I over thinking it? Should I just predrill the ends and land them on the single joist like people have been doing forever?

The next is blocking . On my plan I submitted, I spec'd out blocking on both sets of joists. I honestly don't see the need for blocking both sides. Maybe on the 12 ft side as it will be overhung. I may have missed it, but I think code only requires blocking on 2x10 and up ? I don't care to do it per say, just don't see it helping much. Not about the cost, but the time spent doing it. I don't build decks for a living so I thought I would.ask.

On an unrelated note...for what's it's worth, I plan on covering the beams and the joists with some flashing tape. I would think that is a good idea ??

Thanks for reading

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