Paver Patio Retaining Wall


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Paver Patio Retaining Wall

I am wanting to start building a raised retaining wall patio project, but i am stuck on the best way to build the retaining wall.
The patio will be raised on 3 sides and border by my house foundation on the 4th side. At the highest point the retaining wall will be 20 inches high. I have read that the retaining wall needs to be level on all sides and the patio has to be crowned or sloped towards a drain in the patio, others slope the retaining wall to match the grade of the patio (1-2%) and let the water run over the capped retaining wall.
Are all the methods above acceptable, or is 1 method better than the rest?
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I'm not even sure how I would attempt a crown, slope the patio away from the house and the retaining wall would match!
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I would slope the top of your retaining wall to match the angle you will put on the patio. So the top of the wall will be slightly higher at the house than the outer edge for drainage.
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Clarification, are you building a retaining wall out of patio pavers, or building a retaining wall to support a patio built out of pavers?

If the height is a maximum of 20", then I'd consider a dry laid retaining wall, a dirt "core" covered with contractor's plastic under the patio, and gravel fill between the core and the retaining wall and then over the dirt core. Geotextile over top, then level and lay the patio sloping away.

What to do really depends on
where you are,
what material you are using as fill under the patio,
what you are using for the retaining wall, and
what your drainage is like.

Do you have to worry about snow, ice and frost heaving?
Are you filling the area with clay-soil, sandy soil, gravel, or stone?
Do you have an "impervious surface ratio" ordinance, where you may need to have "void space" and stone under the patio?
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I agree - there is no reason the wall has to be perfectly level, I would slope it to match the patio as well.
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Agreed, slope the top of the retaining wall the same as the patio.

If you raise the retaining wall about 2" and use capstones, you can run rope lights or other ground level lighting for the evening.

If you do that, then you need to put drainage slots in the retaining wall, so that rain hits the pavers, drains through the sand between the pavers, , runs along tyvek or contractors plastic under the leveling sand, then escapes out through "weep holes" in the retaining wall.

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