how would you tell if older wood is pressure treated?

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how would you tell if older wood is pressure treated?

Any way other than a green tint to tell if older wood is pressure treated? We built a dog house about 15 years ago. We're replacing the deck surface (which I thought was pressure treated plywood, but rotting / crumbling along a corner).

The lower part - being that there's minimal deterioration after all these years, it's likely PT?

Some of the 2x4s of the house itself had bugs / rot deterioration, so that's likely not PT.

Considering the situation - the stuff near the ground didn't rot / crumble / have bugs eating it, but higher up did, that lower stuff is PT? Beyond seeing that, are there ways you can tell a 2x4 is PT rather than just the color (and is that pretty accurate? cause this lower wood doesn't have a green tint to it... but it's been years since it was bought.
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Appearance and condition are one way to tell if wood is treated. Also, treated wood is usually pine while untreated wood is often spruce so they look different.
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I can't see untreated S/P/F lasting 15 years outside.

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