Need advice on placing patio furniture on uneven rough-rock patio


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Need advice on placing patio furniture on uneven rough-rock patio

I recently purchased a new house that has a seriously awesome patio area that I am really looking forward to using. However, the floor is made of rough-cut rocks mortared together (photo attached). Looks cool, but will probably be terrible to have a patio table and chairs on, because the chairs will get stuck on the rocks and will wobble because of the unevenness.

So, I am trying to figure out a way to (reasonably inexpensively) remedy this problem without pulling up the rock floor. For stationary furniture/grill I have no problem shimming the legs to get everything to sit level, but I know it will be a problem with the patio chairs.

My first thought was to lay down a large rug, but I think that chairs will still kind of get caught when getting pushed around, and they certainly won't sit flat on all four legs without rocking. So the second thought was maybe to get a couple bags of sand to spread out underneath the rug to basically "fill" the topography of the underlying patio rocks in a way that won't permanently ruin the patio floor? But then I kind of figured that the sand would get washed away or would get pushed out from under the rug over time, and then I'd still have the same problem. So I'm looking for alternative ideas.

Any ideas are welcome!! Thank you very much.
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I worked on a high end remodel for someone who had too much money and got a new kitchen floor like that. (Yeah dumb I know, but it's what they wanted!) So they faced the same problem... what they did was got rolling chairs with 3 wheels. It actually worked surprisingly well, as anything with 4 wheels would want to tip and rock.
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Three wheels or feet makes sense - all will always be on the floor that way.
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Three feet may always be on solid ground but the chair or table will be uncomfortable since it's always at a tilt. There is no inexpensive way to level this floor.

My suggestion is if you use something like an Adirondack chair with a very wide foot print, that will tend to find a near level spot for all four legs. You might also want to pick out a particular spot and using shims level a favorite chair and/or table and never move it.

The expensive way is to find a clear epoxy resin to cover all the floor area and level it out.

Except for an office chair I never thought too highly of a table chair on wheels.
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