Fixing patio drainage issue

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Fixing patio drainage issue

Just moved into a new house and it looks like the cement patio in the yard isnít graded correctly as the water pools back towards the house. Short of breaking it all up and having it done correctly is there anyway to resolve this issue? I thought about renting a cement saw and cutting maybe a 3Ē channel around the edge closest to the house and filling it with gravel but not sure if that solution would work or if it will cause more
issues. There is no basement so nothing to worry about there. Hereís a link to a picture of the patio. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Nope, there really is no fixing this.

There is no basement so nothing to worry about there.
Are you saying the home is on a slab?
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Is the water just sitting there or is it actually sloped back toward the house?

If the water is sloped to the house then your going to have some issues with the framing and siding being constently wet.

Could a drain be installed, maybe, not sure what products are out there that are intended for a post installation. You will then have an unsightly drain cover to trip over but you will need to do something with the water that comes off the slab.

Granted no basement but you still want to direct water away from the structure!
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Yes the house is on a slab. I guess it just pools there and ends up going back towards the house when there is enough rain.
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It looks like the grading was not done properly. There is just no slope away from the house. That and the house was constructed very low to the ground. That didn't leave them any room for the patio to have slope away from the house.

Before seeing your photo I was going to suggest mud jacking to lift the end of the patio near the house. Unfortunately the low door height will probably prevent that. The proper fix would be to remove the patio and re-grade the area so it slopes away from the house then re-pour the concrete.

I would NOT cut a drainage slot or do anything that would deposit the water near the house. Water near the house, even if you don't have a basement, is not a good idea. Water has a bad habit of damaging foundations through settling and the water right at the house could cause moisture/mold issues in the home.
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Thanks for the responses everyone. I guess Iíll just have to bite the bullet and get an estimate for breaking up the old one and having it done correctly.
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One possible fix.

Cut an expansion joint / drainage channel into the concrete to drain water away from the house.

Find the lowest spot on the patio, lay out a chalk line from the house to the edge of the patio that goes directly through the low spot.

Rent a 14" electric concrete saw from a tool rental or big box store - going rate around me is $65 for a day rental of a saw that cuts to 5" deep.

Starting at the far edge of the patio, use the concrete saw to cut a full depth channel (5") from the edge of the patio to about 1/4 of the way to the house.
Then re-set the circular saw to cut at three-fourths of full depth (3.75") and continue to about 1/2 way to the house.
Reset to half depth (2.5") and continue depth to about 3/4 way to the house
Reset to one quarter of full depth (1.25") and finish the cut through the lowest spot to the edge of the house.

Move over 1" and repeat.

Then chisel out the new expansion gap/drainage channel.
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Call a company that specializes in mud jacking. Nowadays many use foam injection. They can raise the pad slightly as needed to correct your drainage problem.
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Did you consider an expandable/retractable awning? The kind that gets mounted to the roof or external wall. Only problem with this is when winter comes around would not be able to take any snow loads.( Not sure where your located?)
So did you think about a permanent roofing structure, something along the lines of a car port,pergola and just pitch the roof away from the house and boom you also have a nice shady area. Just trying to think outside the box?
Try improving with an added feature instead of altering existing floor.
Also Palram Patio covers? I believe some come in clear or at least sunlight comes thru.
Good Luck
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I would do what you originally posted but I would cut the patio 6 inches from the house.
You problem is not only is water pooling on the patio but also that it is way too high.
Moisture is probably rotting out your bottom plate and perhaps more.
This would be my major concern.

I would dig down a foot or so and install a weeping tile.
Hard to tell from the picture if the sides of the yard are lower so the water can exit there.

Then I would fill in with pea gravel etc. but leave it at least 3 inches lower that the siding.

OR rip it apart and start over.

Looks like you are already getting water draining from the patio under the house slab due to the large crack.

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