Alternative cheaper route for screen porch?

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Alternative cheaper route for screen porch?

I wanted to do a screen porch in my backyard size of 25x14ft. Our county requires permit and i was quoted $3500 for architure design plus permit cost and screen porch build cost was $15,000. And we know this will go up once we start the project. At this point I am looking to do something alternative to avoid going the route that will require permit. The moment I put a full roof, I will requite a permit. Now without making it into a screen room with a roof. I wanted to put beams in each side and put fabric canopy cover. For the floor ether concrete or pavers. Whatever is cheaper. Any idea will be appreciated. I am located in Montgomery county MD.

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Check with your Inspections Dept. A roof is not the only thing that can trigger a permit requirement. Often it's anything considered permenant. This usually includes pouring concrete. Your posts set in concrete might count as would pouring a concrete floor.

In your location you can only go so cheap. It has to be safe and it has to be strong enough to withstand the wind and snow loads in your area. Go too cheap and one storm can destroying it and your money will be lost.

Plus when you talk fabric structures require more maintenance. A fabric roof will have to be removed in fall and reinstalled in spring so you'll pay regularly in labor. Plus, have you figured how to make a fabric roof work. It's not as easy as it sounds. Proper tent our outdoor fabric to make a roof is quite expensive and is custom made further driving up the cost. Do it cheap and the roof likely will only be good for one summer season. The sun is very hard on fabrics & tarps.

Done properly a screened porch would be an asset and increase the value of your property. Done too cheap or without the required permits and it can be a liability and could even reduce your properties value. Unfortunately foundations, a roof and screen walls have a certain cost you can't escape.
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First thought was a patio with some sort of Trellis but that's still going to need a permit. They make curtains that can be suspended on poles/cables for mosquitoes but for the roof, IDK,

Guess you could go really cheap and just install a mosquito tent!
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My recommendation is going to be more expensive - put in actual windows, not just screens. You'll thank me in the winter when it snows and the closed windows give you an easy solution to keeping the snow out of the porch.
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