How do I hang this picture?

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How do I hang this picture?

Iím trying to hang a frame with d-rings in all corners except the top left. I tried command strips and pieces of my wall came off, Iím not sure why because I followed the instructions exactly and cleaned the wall before use. I can flip the picture so that thereís two rings at the top but how do I hang it then? Everything Iíve found on d-rings relies on there being two lower on the frame.

The frame is not heavy at all. Itís like 1 lb.

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So, are you asking about your wall or the picture frame? How heavy is the frame you want to hang?
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Welcome to the forums.

First off..... the method used to hang a picture is determined by its weight. If it's heavy.... those self stick things aren't going to cut it. If it has two rings then you will need two hooks in the wall to hold it.

Usually the rings are down slightly from the top so that the hanging hooks are hidden or picture hanging wire can be used between the two D rings.
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Welcome to the forums! I'm pretty sure you're supposed to attach picture wire to the rings. Then you hang the wire onto whatever you're mounting on the wall to hang the picture from.
The frame might be too heavy for the command strips you're using. I personally don't find them strong enough for things like that, but maybe they have something for heavier use. I usually just hammer a nail into the wall, but they do sell more proper hardware.
Not sure why pieces of your wall came off from the command strip tho.
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Pictures with 2 "D" rings or even a wire require (2) hooks.

Honestly all that "command strip" stuff is krap.

So the best hanging method is"

1) Place picture on wall, have significant half agree that position is correct
2) Place a post-it-note on wall at top of picture and marked on center
3) Measure down from the top of picture to where "D" rings are located or where the spread of the wire would be with two hooks, usually 12" to 24" wide depending on size of frame
4) Move the post-it-note down the distance found from step 3
5) On the new post it note location adjust level to, well level, and measure out the distance found from step 3 and mark wall
6) Install 2 appropriate size picture frame hooks

There you have it, 6 simple steps to install a picture that when leveled will stay level

PS, using one hook on a picture will guarantee it will become un-level, do it right the first time and forget
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I have used the picture hooks that have a single angled drywall nail. If you install the hooks level and the right distance apart it's a piece of cake to hang.

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