Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathroom Remodeling

Hi; I'm getting ready to revamp my bathrooms and would appreciate some advice on the following:
- Order of remodeling: fixtures(cabinets,plumbing,lights...), shower, paint, flooring etc
- Design trends: colors, fixtures (plan to sell in a few years)
- Best places to buy durable fixtures that won't break the bank!
- Shower: refinish or replace
- Flooring: tile, laminate, carpet, other?

Our bathrooms still have wallpaper and I plan to start removing slowly; what is the best way and the tools to get this job done.

I know this is broad but I'm just trying to wrap my head around the tasks and see what I can start doing to keep costs down and not make some glaring planning mistakes or omit some steps along the way.

Thanks in advance
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I would start with the wall paper removal. Get that messy job out of the way. Then I would remove tub/shower. cabinets and sink. In that order. Leave the toilet alone for now. Use Shark bite caps to block off the sink and shower supply lines. That will let you keep water supply to the toilet and or rest of house as you work. Then remove old flooring. If you have another toilet to use then now might be the time to remove old toilet. Stuff a big heavy rag in the drain to prevent sewer gas exposure. Now is also a good time to review any electrical issues or additions (lights, fans, etc...). Review wall condition. Are you going to paint, tile, wainscot, wall paper ? If shower or tub is going in, now will be the time to install. You'll want to use concrete board if replacing walls or at least use Red Guard to coat existing walls.

If you're going to replace fixtures such as valves and faucets, I would use Moen, or any name brand with lifetime warranty, and buy online (it will be cheaper for quality product). I used Very satisfied. When installing a shower pay attention to the shower height. Standard height is about 6 feet. But that is hard for most women and shorter people. I lowered my shower head to about 5 feet. And installed an adjustable shower bar. But be careful, some brands have a minimum height to faucet spout distance that must be maintained.

If you have another bathroom, that would be great. You can take you time and plan everything out slowly to be sure.

I'm sure others will chime in with their experience and helpful tips. Pay close attention to those like Lawrosa and Cizzi, they have lots of experience.
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Our bathrooms still have wallpaper and I plan to start removing slowly; what is the best way and the tools to get this job done
Wallpaper paste is water soluble so if you get it wet the paper should pull right off ..... but that's usually easier said than done. I'm not convinced any of the commercial or homemade liquids help, steam helps a little. I normally score the paper with a utility knife [they sell a little round scorer with the knifes at a preset depth which takes the guess work out of how deep to cut] and then mist the wall with water. Towels or a drop cloth at the base helps to contain the excess water. I then use a wide putty or small drywall knife to get under the wallpaper and scrape it off.

The wallpaper doesn't always cooperate sometimes it makes you fight for every square inch. Many prefer to just tear the wall down and start over. If you keep the walls the odds are they will need some minor repairs and it's always best to coat the walls with Zinnser's Gardz to combat any leftover adhesive residue. The Gardz will also seal any torn paper or exposed gypsum.
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Thank you marksr and Norm201 for the tips and plan - exactly what I need.


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