Fixing a loose toilet paper holder

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Fixing a loose toilet paper holder

I can think of a few ways to fix this, but wanted to hear what experts think.

We were at our daughter's recently built home (2 years old). The toilet paper holder in 1 bathroom was coming loose. It looks like they mounted it using 2 of the self tapping anchors like this,

but metal versions. Those anchors are coming loose.

I realize those aren't the best way to mount something that will get pulled on (it's a guest bathroom, so really has seen minimal use and had this issue.

Am I wrong that the best way is to get a 2x4 across the studs and screw the holder into the 2x4? but with the sheetrock already in place, how do you get the 2x4 in there? Just cut a horizontal hole in sheetrock and screw the new wood into the studs on either side? I just envision with my skill, you'll be able to see where I cut the sheetrock. would you mount the 2x4 with the 2" or 4" side against the sheet rock?

And / or cut a smaller hole to slip a 2x4 (with the 4" side vertical) behind the sheetrock , screw the 2x4 to the wall and then the holder to the 2x4. Less secure piece of wood, but smaller hole for it
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I hate those, if your going into drywall use plastic toggle anchors, they work much better.

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I like to locate the studs. Then mount half the holder to a stud. Then use sheetrock anchors for the other half.

If the existing mounting isn't too bad and only recently getting loose I remove the screw in fasteners if possible. This only works if there is enough sheetrock remaining to reinforce. Then soak the sheetrock around the hole with thin CA (Super Glue) and let it harden. Then run the wall anchor back in making sure to match the threads with what has already been cut. Sometimes it snugs up solid and it's good enough or you can apply a dab of caulk to the spiral anchor help firm it up. If you used caulk give it a day before use or at least be very gentile until it firms up.

Your idea of installing a horizontal 2x4 is best but also the most work. At that point I don't worry about the size of the hole and go big. I locate the studs and cut the sheetrock vertically down the center of the studs on both sides. Then horizontal cuts wherever you want. This leaves half the studs able to support the old/existing sheetrock and half the stud to attach the new... in addition to having the new horizontal 2x4 piece for extra mounting surface.

If you don't want to locate the studs or made a mistake when cutting I open the hole up to span the width of the joist bay. Attach your horizontal 2x4 for the toilet paper holder. Then attach small pieces of wood to the sides of the studs to form a lip to attach the edge of your new sheetrock.
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Look into 'Cobra Anchor Flip Toggles'. Perfect for your needs.
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Kooter Thanks. I was just remembering we have something like those (maybe different brand) I used for holding up wall mount for TV at son's apt. Thought those are overkill for a toilet paper holder, but why buy when you have something already that will certainly work.?

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