Cleaning glass with a razor blade?

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Cleaning glass with a razor blade?

My wife cleans our glass shower stall with a razor blade. I googled and found that it can scratch the glass.

I can't find an answer to two questions...
1) Do the scratches hurt the glass, or is it just a matter of not looking as good?
2) Since she done this repeatedly, perhaps all manufacturing debris is gone, and continuing to do it won't hurt. Is that right?


BTW, I didn't realize that window glass was tempered. How long has that been required. Would the glass in my 10 year old Andersen windows be tempered?

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Glass can be scratched when using a razor blade. Sort of like washing your car with a dry rag. If you keep it wet with Windex that will help.

Also believe it or not they make plastic razor blades which I tried and they work ok, it will eliminate the really sharp blade but the grit can still be a problem.

Scratches are cosmetic!

Tempered glass has been around a long time, 10 years old should be ok, look for the "tempered" image on the glass, usually in the corner.
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A good razor blade flat against glass will not hurt glass. Might if you stick corner into glass but still dough it.
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Yes scratches would make it look bad thats all. Tempered glass scratches easily and if you use a blade it should be a new blade on wet soapy glass.

Tempered glass is required around bathtubs and showers, in all doors... next to doors and where windows are close to the floor or where there is a fall potential, like near stairs. There are also size requirements where if a window is very large it should be tempered. In hurricane prone areas all windows must also be impact resistant laminated glass.
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Razor blades, when used on wet surfaces with a gliding agent, won’t hurt your glass. One thing you have to take care while doing this is to move the blades only in one direction. Very fine steel wool also won’t cause any scratches. Razor blades are something to use when there is hard-water or grime on your glass doors. I used to clean my window glasses using a painter's razor blade with a DIY solution (a mixture of vinegar, water and 10 drops of essential oil-I use lemon to get rid of the vinegar smell). For regular cleaning microfiber cloth is what I used for clear windows.

I have seen tough hard water stains on the windows in the house, my friend Carol recently bought, due to misplaced lawn sprinkler. As they had to clean everything before they move in and also, the house was a little mess they hired a cleaning service in mississauga and I have seen them using razor blades for removing the stains from the glasses. So when used in the right way it won't do any damage to your glasses.

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