Security Doors

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Security Doors

I am not sure if this should be here or under "Doors, Skylights and Windows".

I will be buying security doors (double). Any recommendations?

Should I be buying one that is Steel or Aluminum? I would think Steel since it is stronger right?

For screen (on Lowes website) what does each of the following mean?
High-tensile woven mesh
Self-storing insect

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Yes, steel will be more sturdy. As for the screens, Google each one, add the word "screen" after each one, then click "images". That will be faster than trying to explain each one.
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Thank you XSleeper. I will do that then.
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Some hints...

Reinforce your entry doors first. Long screws in the hinges, reinforced strike plate or an item called a Strikemaster or their double door reinforcement kit. Make sure you are using quality latches and deadbolts with a max throw. That may mean going to a locksmith or special ordering. You should have top and bottom flush bolts on the inactive/secondary door if at all possible.

If the doors you are considering have an option for top and bottom bolts connected to the handle mechanism that's ideal, but they may be manually operated if you go with standard hardware. Uggh. I just looked at an online door manufacturer with some very nice designs, and in the FAQs they asked "What kind of lockset is used" Ans "Kwikset". Bout the cheapest stuff you can get...on a $2800 double door.

Perforated means its a solid sheet metal panel with small perforations to let light and air through, most secure, but most unattractive IMO. And you can't change it later, they are normally welded to the door. Everything else is easy to find with a search.

Remember, if it has a regular screen of some sort, it means it can be cut. And since I'm sure your codes require a single cylinder deadbolt, it means they can slice the screen, reach right in and unlock the door.

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