How Do I Get These Screens Out!? (Sun Room)


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Question How Do I Get These Screens Out!? (Sun Room)

Hello everyone,

I live in a house with a pretty decent sun room addition. It's aging though and the screens on the outside of the sliding windows are getting old. Because of that, they cannot withstand my dog jumping through them when he gets excited. :P

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to take the screen frames out to replace the material. I've looked both inside and out and the frames don't appear to be removable. I've taken the 2 sliding glass windows out of the slides but there is no frame for the screen to move at all. The screws around the window can be removed, but all of the sun room frame appears to be holding itself together and no one piece can be easily removed.

Is it possible that you're supposed to replace the screens while they sit there upright? Seems pretty awkward.

Provided some pictures here:

Thanks for the help!
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If I read your post correctly you want to remove and replace the actual "screen" and not the frames. They can be replaced while the frames remain attached to the building
If that's the case, then you need to remove the spline- the rubber tubing that surrounds the screen fabric. The screen fabric is held in place by the spline being tightly wedged into the channels where you currently see them.
Gently pry the spline out of the channel (it might be simpler to do if you can find the cut end of the spline). When you remove the whole spline you will get a better idea of how the screen fabric is attached to the frame. With the splines removed, the old screen should be easy to pull out.

A few things to consider: you might need to get a length of new spline, if the old ones are dried out/rotted.

There is a wheeled hand tool that helps get the spline into its channel, I'm not sure of its name, but they are available at big-box and hardware stores.

Getting the new screen fabric snugly into the frame has to be done carefully. Be sure to keep the screen snug and flat as you reinstall the splines.
I imagine the pros will be along shortly to give more specific input.
Good luck with your project
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It looks like your screen frames are part of the window frame and are not easily removable. I think you should replace the screens in place on the patio as Mikedel described.
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I suppose I'm as expert as anybody here on screen replacement since I do screens at work. What Mikedl and PD say is true. install new screen on site. You want to use fiberglass screen, not aluminum. Aluminum is unforgiving where waves, bubbles and straightness is concerned. If scratching and shredding is a concern from pets then Pet Screen is available. However pet screen or any screen is not immune to pushing out. If a pet charges the screen (any screen) it will push out.
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Received 3 Votes on 3 Posts's called a spline roller. They have 2 types...plastic and metal rollers. Not sure if it's true but I was told metal for metal screen, plastic for FG or metal screen. Concave end for "pre-grooving" metal screen, concave end for the spline.
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I don't like the metal spline tools. They have a tendency to cut the wire or fiberglass. The one available in stores are not very good. They have small wheels. I use a tool with a 2 1/2" wheel groove and a 2" wheel spline insertion wheel.

edit...If possible try to use an oversize spline.Don't be afraid to stretch it. The two standards are .155 and .162. But there are many sizes available.
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Gunguy thanks for the terminology info.
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