Wood door glass insert removal

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Wood door glass insert removal

How do I remove the glass, I took the moulding of one side.

Don't want to damage the moulding on the other side.

See pictures


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Now just remove the glass... without breaking it. The "glazing"/caulk should be the only thing holding it in place.
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Slip a thin putty knife between the glass and the wood moulding to loosen it from the glazing compound/caulk. Do not try to pry the glass away from the wood with any force. That will break the glass.
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It's likely "glazed" to one side with silicone. If that silicone squished around the sides of the glass you will have a real hard time getting it out. A pro would use a deglazing knife, some are like a thin putty knife that is sharp on the edges. Others are more like a pizza cutter with a good handle to grip and push/pull. Suction cups would also help, to have someone pulling on the glass while the other guy cuts. But you might be able to accomplish the same thing by flipping the door over, place a cushion beneath it (like foam board), and that way you could cut the perimeter while you push down on the glass with one hand from above.

Tempered glass is pretty hard to break, but as mentioned, prying on the edges is not smart... that's where it's weakest.
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