Window Unit to Bring in Fresh Air During Winter


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Window Unit to Bring in Fresh Air During Winter

I live in a condo that might have a mold problem and I might need to stay here during the winter. I need some kind of window unit that can bring in fresh air all winter long for my bedroom. I used to have a bionaire everfresh but got rid of it after thinking I would not need it anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions? Something like a window mount HRV/ERV? I'm in Michigan
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Hi tesser,
Mold is related to moisture (humidity) and in the winter the outside air usually holds less moisture. Bringing that inside does lower the RH, but at a cost, that fresh air has to be heated. Of course like myself, I just like the fresh air. What are you after, lower RH of the fresh air?

The mold issue would suggest it is a humidity concern so start by picking up an inexpensive humidistat to see where you are at present. In many cases addressing the source of the moisture is easier than drying the place out after the RH goes up.

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Generally humidity enters the home from the bathroom and kitchen. Does your bathroom have a working exhaust fan that exhausts outside? Do you have a working vent hood over your stove that exhausts outside? If you have them and they are not working I would contact the landlord to have them fixed.

There are fresh air heat exchangers or heat recovery ventilators that would bring fresh air into the home and minimize the heat loss. Unfortunately I don't know of any that are a stand alone or window mount. All I have seen are designed to be attached to the plenum of a central HVAC system but I'm sure one could be modified to work free standing.
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Here is a through the wall fresh air heat exchanger that could be modified for window use. Newsletter No. 5 / 2014 and another
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Note: Ray's Link to KAIR is a good alternative, but realize it's a UK company and may not be available in the US or might be special order through a utility or contractor only.
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Thanks, Norm, I didn't catch that and should have.
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