better angling of baseboard registers


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better angling of baseboard registers

somebody tell me why my thinking is crazy - and why a better baseboard register design isn't out there.

My house is all 4x12 baseboard registers, the triangular kind, mostly all right under windows.
I find that, even though we have good vacuum at the return vents, since the registers do not direct the air, it just goes straight up - and "piles up" underneath the window sill. Yes it eventually heats the whole room but it's always warmer right under the window - where nobody sits or stands

Yes I know there are deflectors, but these seem to be angled at like 90 degrees and try to push the air straight out, effectively making it try and do a 180 from the supply line. In our experience these (a) create more turbulence and non-usable air and (b) do not fit well on most basement registers anyway.

Tell me, why would you not design a register for baseboards that was shaped more like a box - 4x12 footprint and say 6" tall - that has an internal deflector shield that starts at the very back bottom corner (against the wall) and leans forward so the top edge is at the front of the box? That way it would push the warm air just a bit forward, well in front of the window but up into the air.
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You are talking about forced air heating, correct? I don't understand what you mean by triangular kind though.

Well, Deflecto makes some deflectors that direct the air at about a 45 degree angle, though not exactly as you describe.

Imperial manufacturing makes floor registers that actually have 2 positions. One is the regular straight up, the other is a 45 when it is popped up.

I don't really see the issue. Normal airflow straight up will circulate the conditioned air just fine. I've only seen the deflectors used when some type of furniture is greatly blocking the flow or when curtains are billowing.

You want the warmer areas right in front of windows since that is the area of greatest heat loss.
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There's no crazy thinking in this business. Almost anything you can imagine you can make happen if you know where to go. Most DIYers just see the basic products companies offer at the big box stores. They make a whole lot of additional products for the contractors if you can find the right contractor to help you.

This is a Hart/Cooley catalogue of available options. They are a big name in this field and chances are you are buying there product already and don't even know it.

Grilles, Registers and Diffusers (GRD) | Hart & Cooley
Grilles, Registers and Diffusers (GRD) | Hart & Cooley

Hope this helps.
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Name:  20170109_081136.jpg
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Size:  28.8 KBSee attached pics. What I mean by triangular is that the face is sloped so that the side profile is essentially a triangle.
Yes, forced air (gas heat, heat pump a/c).
The register and corresponding air passage is RIGHT up against the wall.
Even though the register has an angle face to it, giving the visual impression that air might come out at an angle, in reality it just goes straight up. That is because there is nothing in teh vent actually pushing it forward (into the room) instead of just straight up.

If I pretend I am a hot air molecule more a moment, traveling along with 10,000 of my buddies, what I do is that I'm first moving horizontally along the duct under the floor. Then went I hit the register boot, I am gently coerced to move upwards by virtue of a slant in the underside of the boot (which is maybe 45 degrees in this case). I hit this slant and move upwards. Although I really am still moving forward due to inertia so I bounce off the back wall and I pass through the vent. Nothing is pushing me any other way so I keep going up for awhile... right alongside the wal until I hit the underside of the window sill. At that point I either tumble back and stay in that area or spill forward into the room.

The result is that the wall underneath the window is always very warm, and maybe the wall on either side of it is, but if you are standing > 12" from the wall you don't feel the air flowing. It is conditioning the wall, not the room air.

Now if these vents were maybe 6" into the room it would be a non issue.... OR if there were something pushing the air more forward into the room. It would only take an angle of about 15-20 degrees to put it well in front of the window and out into the room. All it would take is a box with a baffold inside which angles out toward the room by 20 degrees or whatever.
However I cannot find any kind of a register or cover that does this.
Perhaps I will try making my own...
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