Air Cycler and Aprilaire 8126A


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Air Cycler and Aprilaire 8126A

Good morning,

I'm looking into getting a fresh air ventilation system and have a few questions. Anyone have any experience with either of these? I'm also looking at an ERV, but they are very expensive and I'm not sure I really need to spend all of that money. If I choose the Air Cycler I will be connecting it to a Panasonic fan.

A typical window is 400 square inches and using an 8" duct for outside supply is only about 37 square inches. Why even bother? Just open a window and turn on an exhaust fan. But, if I decided to get a system like this with the specs below, could someone let me know how many CFM of fresh air I would get? I know how much I need.

If the duct run is about 20' - 25', has two 90's and is running on a variable speed air handler blower = ? CFM

Fan on is usually about 200-300 cfm
1st stage is usually around 500-600 cfm
2nd stage is usually around 600-700 cfm

With this scenario above, what would be your guess on the cfm of fresh air coming in using the Air Cycler or Aprilaire 8126A?
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I dont know the answer to your question but wanted to make a comment - it looks like those system create an opening to the outside and rely on whatever pressure differential exists between inside and outside to move the air. I dont see a fan.

I am researching HRVs right now and am thinking that I need fan blowing the stale air out and another fan blowing fresh air in. And the HRV core to condition the incoming air.

I am in Syracuse. Maybe in your climate the needs are different.
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The Aprilaire 8126A is strictly a motorized damper with a controller that starts the blower in your home's HVAC system. It allows that blower to draw fresh air into the return for re-distribution throughout the house.

I'm not familiar with the AirCycler. I did look into it and it appears to work along the same lines as the Aprilaire unit.

A basic HRV (heated recovery ventilator) is very similar in operation to the other two units but it works along with your HVAC system to draw air in and exhaust air out at the same time. In this operation the warm air being discharged outside heats the cold incoming air thru a sealed box exchange unit.

I believe there are self contained fan forced HRV's but as far as I can remember are very expensive.

Since I don't install the units I can't really specify a model to buy. My forum partner may and if so, he'll post here.
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700 cfm of outside air is huge for a home. that is two tons of cooling! How are you going to overcome the humidity?
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