Cleaning ducts and vents?

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Cleaning ducts and vents?


I was having issues with my the central air in my home. The air was not blowing on the second floor, and barely blowing on the first. The switch on the AC circuit breaker also continued to trip every time. An HVAC technician inspected and told me that the AC system is working fine, but that I need an electrician. The electrician came and told me that they electrical components are working fine. The AC is no longer tripping. However, this did not solve the problem, as he air on the second floor of my home is still not blowing. He suggested that I clean out the vents as there may be a blockage somewhere. The AC ducts need to be cleared. What is the best way to do this on my own, if it can be done by me?

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Generally something hired done. Is this the same ductwork as used by the furnace? If so, does it blow as expected?
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Abanks - I seriously doubt your ducts are the least bit responsible for your weak airflow.

For us to be able to help you it would be helpful for us to get a few questions answered. I see that your occupation is construction and contracting so I suspect you are likely very familiar with your house's construction and its HVAC system that you most likely maintain yourself.

I don't know why the circuit breaker for your A/C continued to trip, but I'm glad it no longer does now. What is 'the switch' on the AC circuit breaker? What did the electrician tell you he did to stop the C/B from the continued tripping?

My guess for the weak airflow is lack of adequate return air ducts throughout the house, a clogged filter or the evaporator coil is clogged, or clogged blower or slipping belt. But the A/C tech should have noticed any of this and informed you if he checked your system thoroughly.

Did the A/C tech say anything about your system's age or its ability to effectively cool your two story house with the high outdoor temperature a lot of the country has been experiencing? How old is the system? Do you have adequate insulation in the attic and walls, especially in the attic?

You say the 1st floor airflow is barely blowing and it's not blowing at all on the 2nd floor. That's odd! Or, is this just your way of saying that the 2nd floor is not being cooled a well as the 1st floor? Do you have one HVAC system or two HVAC systems for the house? What is the size?

Are you the one that replaces the filter? How often is that done? Do you check and maintain the condensate drain line?

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