performa dishwasher problem

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performa dishwasher problem


I have a Maytag Performa dishwasher that works sporadically. A few months ago I tried to start it and got nothing- no lights on the panel and no action of any kind. I couldn't afford a repair so I've been washing by hand ever since. I used the dishwasher to sanitize the dishes as it has never done a very good job of washing the dishes.

A week ago as I was sanitizing dishes by hand I decided to give the start button on the machine a press just for fun and lo and behold- it started! I was so exited and I quickly loaded it up. It worked as usual- drained fine and heated up the dishes fine.

The next day I went to do another load and it was not working again. No lights- nothing. I resolved to go back and do everything by hand again and I was very, very sad.

3 days passed and this morning I thought I'd give it another try and it worked again as it does usually.

Does anyone here have any idea what could be wrong and if/how I might be able to fix it? I am thinking that maybe when the water in the machine dries out it allows the machine to work again. It is draining fine though. It finished washing a few minutes ago and there is no water in the bottom.

I'm going to wait till it cools off and I'll load it again to see if it works. I appreciate any ideas!
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The model number for the unit would be helpful.

As an off-the-cuff answer... two problems come to mind. One is a defective door switch and the other is a defective keypad.
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It sure sounds like an electrical or temp sensitive type problem or maybe both.

Are you sure that the door latches completely each time you close it? Is the electrical connection secure? These are all basic checks to be made before any other troubleshooting takes place.

How old is this machine? Back in 2010 a recall was made for an electrical fault that was deemed a fire hazard.
See this site and check your Serial Number
Maytag Recalls Dishwashers Due to Fire Hazard |
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I can't help with the electronics. I would check the power supply though to rule that out.

If the DW has a cord, check the receptacle to see if the plug has a good hold. Also check receptacle for any loose wires.

If direct wired, open the DW wiring box and inspect or redo the connections if something looks sloppy.
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Thanks Handyone, Norm201 and PJmax for the replies. The model number is PDBL390AWW. I tried to run the machine again yesterday and it did start but I had to turn it off because it wasn't loaded.

It looks like I will have to get a repairman out here at some point to fix this as all suggestions are beyond my abilities. I was hoping for an easy fix like pressing a reset button.

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