Whirlpool Duet Washing Machine issue??


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Whirlpool Duet Washing Machine issue??

I have the model WFW70HEBW.

Warm and Cool don't seem to be working. The front of my machine has a dial where I can choose - Normal / Delicates / Quick / Heavy / Cold. These auto setting pick a wash temp but I'm able to change them with a button to the right. (except cold which will only use cold)

The problem I'm facing is the Wash Temp only works on a few settings and even then doesn't seem to work right. My water heater is set for 125-128 degrees. And end of April in NYC cold water temp is around 55-60 degrees. I'm using a thermapen thermometer with is accurate to .5 degrees for testing.

On Normal no matter what Wash Temp I choose its always cold water. 60 degrees right now. So even if I choose Hot it comes out cold water.

On Delicate no matter what Wash Temp I choose is cold water (60 degrees). Even if I choose Hot, Warm, or Cool

On Quick Wash if I choose Hot or Warm its straight hot water, 125 degrees. I would think on Warm it would mix some Cold water and Hot water. If I choose Cool or Cold its straight cold water 60 degrees.

On Heavy its the same as Quick. If I choose Hot or Warm its straight hot water, 125 degrees. If I choose cool or cold its straight cold water, 60 degrees.

So the Hot and Cold Valves are working its just the Wash Temps of Warm and Cool don't seem to be mixing? Any idea if this is just how my Washing Machine is working? Or is there something wrong with it?

Also there was a loud banging during spin cycle so I took the back off to see what was going on. It was just a clip that holds a wire in place fell out and the wire was banging against the back of the frame. While the back was off I noticed it looked like my washer has a heating element. Wires going to it and everything however when I look up that model at parts stores and read reviews online at Home Depot everything points to it not having a heating element.

thanks for any help in advanced
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Check your model # on the washer inside door there may be more numbers on the end. I find 3 with your model #. Here they are
Model Search Results
The wire you found may have gone to the thremistor and that tell the washer what temperature the water is. Where it was banging the wire may have been damaged. On the diagram I could not find thermistor, on your model it may be part of the fill valve.. If more than 4 wires at fill valve the small wires are it. maybe black. Take top off there may be a tech sheet there and it should tell you how to get into diagnostics. You will be able to get code than.
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Its the WFW70HEBW0. I believe they are all the same though. The wire banging in the back that wasn't clipped in is not really a wire. Its the pressure switch hose. Its a medium sized black hose. Sorry should have been more descriptive. So it has nothing to do with temperature. Its the same that happened to this person.

FIXED Whirlpool Duet FL clacking during spin cycle

As far as the fill valve there are 6 wires going to it. 3 pairs going to 3 solenoids. Hot water , cold water , and one to send water to the bleach tray. No thermostat.
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Did you look under the machine, inside a plastic bag, for the tech sheet ?
It will tell you how to put the controls in test mode.
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