Dishes not getting very clean

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Dishes not getting very clean

Good Afternoon!

I've got a Maytag dishwasher Model# MDBH989AWS3 and the dishes look really cloudy and generally not clean. We are on municipal water. I thought it was the detergent so I got some different stuff. Actually from Aldi, but I swear it's the exact same as the cascade we were using, just relabeled. Then we made sure the rinse agent was filled. I took apart the bottom section to ensure the screens were clear and that there was no blockage and all was fine. I then ran the unit and periodically quickly opened the door to ensure water was coming out of both sprayers and it is, and they appear to be rotating as well. To me, this dishwasher seems like it's working fine.

My in-laws say they had a similar problem and switched the the detergent/rinse-air cubes and things got better. Is it worth buying yet another detergent option to try?

Last time I had this problem it was because the bottom was clogged up, and ever since then, once a month I run some Citric Acid with vinegar through it and that has kept everything seemingly squeaky-clean.

What do you suggest looking into?
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Affresh for dishwashers is a good cleaner.

Usually the problem is that all the dirty water is not being drained out allowing it to remain in the sump. It is very important that the drain line go up to just under the countertop before connecting to the drain.

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Thank you for the reply!

My line is routed in the fashion you illustrated and all of the water does drain from the bottom of the unit after the cycle - completely empty of water.

I mean, there is still some water left in the hose, and I can see that easily just with a flash light, but as far as the bottom of the unit, down under the screen, there is no water there.

**EDIT** I wish I could actually see inside this dang thing while it's running. I just loaded it, and one of the items I put in was a blender which I intentionally left the milky smoothy remains(still very soft, very wet) inside of. I placed the blender container on the bottom rack, in the corner, of course facing down. I ran it for about 5 minutes and then opened up the door. Looks like everything is getting wet, but the inside of the blender pitcher was still filthy. I took it out to see if the stuff was caked on but it wasn't. Just simply running sink water over it rinsed it out. I don't think any pressurized hot water was shot into that blender pitcher.

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...Just simply running sink water over it rinsed it out.

That thingie that goes around and sprays the water must be partially plugged.

No idea how to clear it, I divorced my dishwasher 40 years ago and do mine by hand.
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When you open the door mid-cycle is EVERYTHING dripping wet? Top rack, walls, corners, ceiling of washer, etc?

Are your dishes coming out clean but cloudy, or still has food stuck on them?
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I'm with Baldwin. Whenever I've had cleaning issues it was often bits of junk stuck in the spray holes in the rotating thingee. Havn'e had that on our current model though (also a Maytag).

White vinegar works good for cleaning, too, in addition to PJ's commercial product.
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Had something similar, I've got really hard well water, and found that switching to
Heavy wash from Auto wash made a big difference.

One possibility is that there's an auto wash sensor gunked up.
Other possibility is that you're pre-rinsing the dishes, so the dishwasher only runs a rinse cycle.

I'll second the vinegar recommendation,
one trick that I've found works is pouring the vinegar into a casserole dish, then placing the dish on the top rack- Idea is to release the vinegar throughout the wash cycle, seems to work better than just pouring in initially.
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So I solved the problem. I guess it was the detergents I was using. I took a chance and bought the most expensive stuff I could find, which happened to be the Cascade Platinum tablet things. Ran the washer and boom - sparkling clean.

I guess that just means it's a problem with my water. Maybe it's ridiculously hard or something.

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