Clothes Dryer / Faulty Sensor ??

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Clothes Dryer / Faulty Sensor ??

We have a Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum Clothes Dryer bought Brand New 14 yrs ago.. It just started to self adjust the Drying Time throughout the drying process.. Yes the machine has a Sensor that will adjust the time by adding a couple minutes at the beginning but not during.. Machine under Normal Setting takes 38 minutes but will sometimes in the past adjust to starting with 40 minutes.. Machine self adjusted twice 9 minutes into it and jumped adding 4 minutes.. 2nd time I checked 25 minutes into it jumped adding again 4 minutes.. I this point I checked the clothes and they were piping hot.. Question : Could we have a Sensor defaulting ?? Thoughts & Opinions Appreciated, Cheers Thanks..
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Good question. I've never actually timed the auto dry cycle.
Your dryer will have a tech sheet in it with diagnostic routines.
If you don't know where it is or haven't seen it post the model number and I'll see if I have it.
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It's probably clogged up with lint. I have a Cabrio from 2011 and was having issues with it. Ended up needing a new control module but I did take the drum out and clean all the lint from it. Made a big difference in noise and dry time. These models are notorious for the poor lint trap.
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You bring up a good point. Dryers by their very nature are dusty.
Routine cleaning especially cleaning the exhaust duct makes a world of difference.

I have an older Whirlpool. Close to 25 years old. I take it apart and vacuum it out every year.
Takes all of an hour or so.
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A model number might be useful.

The unit probably has a dryness sensor.
This is two metal strips mounted parallel on a non conducting material.
Often mounted in the drum rear at the front or the back.

The way is works is that one strip is tied to ground.
The other strip goes to the control board with a voltage applied to it.
When the clothes are dry the resistance between the strips is infinite (open) so no current flows between them.
When the clothes are wet the moisture between the strips conducts electricity and the control board senses this and adds time to the dry cycle.
Have you cleaned this sensor?
If dirt /crud gets between the strips the unit thinks the clothes are wet and add time.

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