Your experiences with water/ice in-door refrigerators?

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Your experiences with water/ice in-door refrigerators?

According to this guy they're all garbage. Have you ever had one go 10 years or more? I've gotten long life out of basic, no-frills top-freezer units, never had one with water/ice in door.

If true I wonder why? After all this time you would think the manufacturing process would be refined to where consistently making a reliable product wouldn't be an issue.
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I never had a reliability issue but hated the amount of space it kept me from using for food storage.
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I had an LG for 7 years and never had a problem with in-door water/ice unit even though the refrigerator itself had several moderate problems. I got rid of it when the EPA mandated annual rebate for non-compliance ended.

Since about 2015 I have a Samsung and about a year ago it started having ice maker problems documented here. For now the ice maker is still working but occasionally seems to be not full. I have not opened it to look for months.

Consumer Reports lists ice makers as the most frequent problem reported with refrigerators.
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Ice makers are a problem because they are mechanical.
In door water dispensers and ice dispensers are a 50-50 crap shoot.
If you have kids.... probably a good idea as it saves the door opening.

I use a Britta water pitcher.
I have an old Whirlpool fridge and am on my second ice maker.
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I would not buy one that is a bottom drawer freezer.
Having it in the freezer side does add complexity and therefore problems.
But having it in a fresh food compartment is much more complicated and harder to repair .
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We bought one 15 - 18 years ago. its a side by side. The only trouble we've had with the in-door unit is the paddle for the ice dispenser broke. It's the little plastic piece that you push to activate the ice auger & open the flap/door to drop the ice into your glass. it still works, but you have to stick your fingers up in the top of the dispenser to push the paddle. Usually you can push it enough to activate the ice auger to push the ice out of the tray but, you can't push it enough to activate the door. So, the ice doesn't fall out.
I asked here back in 2015 I think how to take the trim off so I could get to the paddle to change it. At the time, no one really knew how to get that trim off & I didn't want to break it. So, we just don't use the ice side. The water dispenser still works.

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