coffee maker problem

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coffee maker problem

Krups model KM730 Can anyone help with the problem descibed below? Thanks

What's happening with my unit now is that sometimes it won't even start brewing. I turn it on, it gurgles a little, and then it makes a beeping sound that it's done brewing. If I leave it on, eventually it will draw the water out of the reservoir and make coffee, but sometimes that takes 45 minutes (with the machine audibly indicating that the brewing cycle is completed every few minutes even though there's a lot of water left in the reservoir) and sometimes it takes the same amount of time it used to take (just a few minutes for half a pot). I have descaled the machine to no avail, but I didn't think that calcium build up was the problem anyway since I use water filtered by my Zero Water filter to make coffee (and that removes all dissolved solids from the water) and this problem is not consistent. Sometimes I turn the Krups on and it makes coffee like it should; other times it keeps starting and stopping.
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never had one apart but here is a list of parts.
Krups KM730D50/3DA Parts List and Diagram :
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This is more of a "bump" than a directly related problem . . . . so I'm piggy-backing on an existing thread.

I've been dealing with an cheap Emerson Coffee Maker for a few years now. There is no corporate support . . . . maybe I should have tossed it long ago.

But I haven't. It's a really simple device. I've replaced thermister (or thermostatic control switches) a few times, the thermal fuses, and the Lighted On/Off Switch. Usually, it's the glass carafe that gets broken and you can't find an appropriate replacement . . . . but that's remain intact.

What I see now is that the original clear vinyl tubing (roughly ⅜" ID) that runs down from the water resevoir to the heating element, and then back up (as steam) to the percolation unit, seems to have become embrittled and is allowing steam to penetrate it and condense on the cooler areas inside the unit, whereafter it trickles out onto the counter.

My question is whether anyone has even purchased any "heat rated" vinyl tubing that might be used for this purpose ?

I see plenty of tubing that is "pressure rated" but seldom do they mention the heat ranges it is expected to operate under. I would want a small amount that was expected to tolerate higher temps up to and slightly exceeding 212F . . . . I'm not worried about pressure because the tube isn't restricted and the run is less than 12".

Probably sounds silly; but it's a challenge to keep such unit functioning. I've read that the vinyl "might" melt; and others have said that at high temperatures, its molecules might separate and allow steam to pass between them . . . . neither theory being confirmed.

I'm only observing about two (2) tablespoons of water escaping per pot right now, so it's not a rush; but the amount seems to be on the incline.

I know this is probably silly; but someone may have encountered a similar problem, and can make a suggestion. The unit still makes great coffee !

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