Over the range microwave mounting issues

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Over the range microwave mounting issues

I just had a local appliance center install a Kitchenaid over the range microwave. This microwave mounts using a narrow mounting bracket mounts to the wall above the cooktop range. This bracket has two tabs on it. When installing the microwave, one is supposed to hang it on these two tabs and then rotate the micro wave up into position. The microwave is then secured by inserting two bolts with washers through the bottom of the cabinet into two holes in the top of the microwave. After the guy that installed it left, I noticed that the microwave is not supported by the two tabs in the back and must be only supported by the two bolts screwed into the top of the microwave. It is my belief that the microwave should be sitting on the two tabs on the mounting bracket in addition to the two bolts through the top on my cabinet. I am attaching two photos of the bottom of the microwave that show the mounting bracket tabs. The tabs are in the slots in the microwave but they are not supporting anything. I can easily move them with my finger. Do any of you have an opinion on this?

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That's as it should be. The tabs are for location and keeping the unit against the wall or swinging free. They really can't hold the unit from falling. The cupboard bolts from above secure the unit. As long as the unit is not loose or shaky. My old unit used a full size back plate to mount the unit against the wall, but again it was mainly for location and maintaining contact with the wall. I believe all new unit just use that narrow strip plate as you found see on your unit.

Wait...I took a second look at you picture. The two units I just installed within the past several month have those tabs inserted into slots behind the unit, not under it. You should not be able to see the tabs. The narrow mounting strip and tabs should be totally hidden and the bottom of the strip should be flush with the bottom of microwave. What you have maybe OK. As long as the unit is secured tightly with no movement if you try to push on it. It should not vibrate or shake. I think you're good.
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The tabs need to go in the slots at rear. The oven will need to be dropped down and reinstalled.
It looks like the installer had a hard time lifting the oven into position, which is a common problem.
It also looks like the wall mount plate could be off center and installed on the wall too low.

Not a very professional installation, everything is wrong.
The wall plate needs to hold quite a bit of weight, along with the upper machine screws.
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I believe the only thing holding this in place right now is the two bolts through the top of the cabinet and whatever part of the micro that is against the back wall. I can actually wiggle the micro while pushing up a bit on the door. Also there is a short distance between the top of the micro and the bottom of the cabinet that he should have put a spacer block in in order to tighten the top bolts without bending the top of the micro top. He used no spacer blocks that I saw. In general, I think it is just lousy installation. Thanks for the responses.
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I've installed a couple like that and the tabs pictured are too far from the wall to engage slots on the invisible REAR of the unit--they go into slots on the bottom edge of the microwave. When inserted they won't be visible.
The installer got it nearly right but it should be removed, the tabs bent so they stick straight up again, and the unit re-hung.
Spacer blocks are not normally needed above the micro and would serve no purpose. The chassis is strong enough at the screw locations to support the full hanging weight of the unit. If the top is bent at the screw holes and it will NOT pull up tight to the cabinet there may be something interfering and the installer overtightened the screws in attempting to close the gap.

Have a helper push up on the micro and if the gap closes then try to tighten the screws to keep it there.
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guy48065 hit it right on the head. Since just the screws were holding the microwave up.... they were over tightened to hold the unit up. The bulk of the weight is carried in the back at the track.

Those units can be tough to mount sometimes.

It is partially supported.... but there is definitely an issue there....
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