Door chimes and door bells

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Door chimes and door bells


I am hoping you can help!

I want add a second door chime downstairs.......(really don't want to use wireless)

I have an existing chime #1 upstairs connected to a front doorbell and and back doorbell that give me a ding dong when the front doorbell is used and a ding when the back door is used. I want to add a second chime #2 downstairs.

Where I want to add the second chime downstairs, is very close to where the transformer is (I may need to exchange the transformer to a 30 watt).

Is this doable? Pictures would be awesome!

Appreciate your help!!!!
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A wireless extender would be the easiest, but you know that

Unfortunately, being close to the transformer isn't much help. While technically it's possible to sense that the doorbell is chiming from the transformer end, I'm not aware of any products that do it. So you will need to extend low voltage wires from the chime. You can pick up common from the transformer, but you will need the front button wire and the rear button wire.

You could extend them from the buttons instead of the chime if that's easier.

Good luck!
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Unless your door bell button is wired to transformer, it cannot be done without pulling new wire.
I have seen many installations where both wires from door bell button and chime are wired to transformer, and connected on that side.
However, if you have 2 buttons for front and back, it is highly unlikely to be the case. This is because selecting which bell to ring has to be done at the chime side.

If you can run new wire, you will need 3 conductor wire run from existing chime to the new chime. Then, you can mount wires parallel to terminals of existing chime. You may need to get bigger transformer.

If your only option is to run wire from transformer, it is possible to sense door bell being pressed with simple circuit. However, there is no way to differentiate between front and rear as load change on the transformer is same.

If you like to build a electronic circuit, it would be possible to build wireless communication device between 2 chime bells. But never seen any products that is already made. It won't be too hard to make, but if you never built electronic circuits, won't be easy.
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Here is a wireless chime extender:
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The one Astuff suggested will work great too. I never seen one, so I didn't know they have something like that.

Reading the manual, it is able to do both front and back. But, you don't get to choose tone for rear bell. It will only sound "Dong"

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