New Stove/Oven Does Not Plug Into The Receptical...

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New Stove/Oven Does Not Plug Into The Receptical...

I just got a new stove and it has a different style plug on it then the old stove/oven did the new one has four prongs that plug in and the old one had three...Name:  New Stove-Oven Plug.jpg
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My question is, if I switch the receptacle out to the correct one to fit the plug on the stove/oven... What do I do about not having a green wire coming out of the wall box to hook up to the new receptacle and the new receptacle does not tell me where the black or the red wire go, it has X and Y???
The new receptacle just calls out where the white and green go on it and I'm without a green coming from the wall box... The wires coming from the box are red/black/white and a bare ground wire and that ground wire is currently hooked to the wall box...
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You cannot and should not change receptacles to 4 prong unless your existing wire has ground wire in it (making total 4 wires.)
Just replace cord with your old one and make sure there is bonding strap between ground terminal and neutral (white wire) in range/oven side. It should been removed when connecting 4 prong cord if wired correctly.
With 3 prong cord you have, middle wire is neutral and wires on left and right are both hot (L1 and L2. Same as Black and Red). Which order they are wired does not matter as long as middle wire is connected to neutral.
Old style 3 prong uses neutral as both neutral and ground. Which can create a dangerous situation if neutral wire somehow gets disconnected (very rare, but possible).
I always leave bonding strap on ground screw just in case it need to be switched to 3 prong later, but many will remove and throw it out. If there is no bonding strap, see if you can make one from old range/oven work. If not, you will have to make one out of a wire with spade or round terminal. Do not just wrap wire under the screw. This can cause a poor connection at neutral with existing terminal, which increase chance of fire.

------------------- EDIT ---------------------------
Reading your post again, you did say you have a bare copper wire. That is your green wire (ground)

The wires coming from the box are red/black/white and a bare ground wire and that ground wire is currently hooked to the wall box...
In this case, you can install 4 prong receptacle and will be better to do so. Red and Hot are X and/or Y. Does not matter which one they connects to as long as neutral and ground are wired correctly.
But, just to be on safe side, remove breaker panel cover and verify that same wire is ran all the way to the breaker panel and the ground wire is actually wired to ground.
The reason why I'm saying this is, I don't see any reason why someone would install 3 prong receptacle when there is a ground wire (although this is not the first time I have seen this case). There is a chance someone extended wire during remodel of the kitchen and just used this wire.

Make sure to torque screws tight. Don't remember exact spec. It should be very tight, but not too tight damaging the wire. Usually, as tight as you can with hand and regular screw driver is good. If screws are not tight, it can lead to poor loose connection over the years and lead to overheat.
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How many and what color wires are available in the receptacle box?

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