Doorbell Chime buzzing/humming

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Doorbell Chime buzzing/humming

I installed a one of those Ring Video Doorbells at my girlfriends house earlier today. It worked fine before I left. the doorbell button is what I replaced with the new camera button which works with your wifi to send you a video image of who is at your door.

So all i did was remove the existing button. drilled in to the wall to put the plate that holds the new button/camera and re wire it and it should have been done. well before i left it all worked fine. I pressed the button and the doorbell does its thing and does the double chime sound. Later that night she tells me that there is some buzzing/humming coming from the chime box. And when the doorbell is pressed it only does half the sound now. I will go over tomorrow to look at it.

Any ideas what it could be?

the way the camera connects to the little plate is tricky. im thinking the connection might not be fully making contact. its a plate that has little tabs where u press in and down to get the camera to snap in to place which also causes the plate to make contact with the button/camera.

if its the chime is it normal for it to still make half the sound? im assuming the rod goes up but doesnt come back down to hit the bottom portion? i havent even looked at this specific chime so im not sure how it works. if she only has one doorbell can i move the cable from the front chime to the back one to see if that will help? im assuming the cable is good because the box still receives the input from the button itself. just looking for ideas before i head out tomorrow to take a look.
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Start by removing the camera button first and see if it clears up,I am not really familiar with the camera button,but is that the only thing that changed?
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The constant hum means that the chime unit is incorrectly getting power for long periods of time perhaps due to a defective button or a short circuit in the wiring behind.. I cannot think of why it would change to giving just half the sound other than the chime mechanism has become overheated.

Try flipping off the breaker that powers the doorbell system and transformer, wait an hour for things to cool down, then flip the button back on and try the doorbell again a few times.

If the chime mechanism overheated too badly you would need to replace the chime unit.
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Welcome to the forums.

The Ring doorbell camera is a power stealing device. It has a rechargeable battery in it that can draw its charging power thru the chime unit. It sounds like it's drawing a little bit too much power thru the chime. Probably won't hurt the chime but can be annoying. You can try the rear door terminal instead of the front terminal.

You can also try connecting both F and R terminals together. The Ring should be able to fully close the circuit activating both. Not sure what it will sound like but give it a try.

Other than that..... I would contact Ring customer support.

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