Electrical Issue(s) In house?

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Exclamation Electrical Issue(s) In house?

Hi, first time poster here,

I am in need of some help and possible ideas of a electrical issue here in my home.

I am sitting in my den with my PC, doing personal and work related stuff... I have a fan in the den too. (I just am a person who likes having wind movement I guess. I have 4 other fans in the house on, but they are just basic fans. Not nothing massive.). I am constantly noticing like every 45 minutes, or so.... (It's not like a constant issue, but it's noticeable and it occurs at least twice an hour.).
It all the sudden "dies down", as like someone turned the amount of power to the fan down to like half speed, maybe even like 3/4 speed. But it's VERY noticeable.

I have one wall A/C which is very new and "energy star". It's a smaller BTU, I use it to cool my den. (As it was added on to the house and the previous owners decided not to run A/C ducts for it.). I do sometimes notice that to go down too a little bit. But it's more noticeable when the A/C is on. (Because it's louder.).

I am not a high energy user at all. For a decent sized home, I use roughly ON AVERAGE (Averaged it out from a 3 month time span.) 1.82 KWh. My prime time usage is about ~3 KWh. (That's when using my oven, and other things.). I DO have a well pump, but it is not running when the fans do the "Die down" noise.

I do have a desktop computer I use. Which it has a 300w gold rated PSU. I use it for ~5 hours a day. It's my primary work computer. (Work from home.) I have this plugged into a UPS or a Battery Backup Supply. However, when the fans "dim down". I can HEAR a little "zzz" (sounds like a electrical fart), through my headphones that I listen through. No the PC doesn't dim down in current. But I can hear a "zzz" through my headphones.

I have YET to call someone out. I am most likely going to, but I'd like to get a few ideas on what the issue could be from here. So maybe the electrician doesn't think I am a braindead moron and that I will milk thousands out to him for no reason. (No, I am not a moron). From my most educated guess is...

Should I get the wires in my electrical panel (circuit breaker box in the basement), tightened down? I asked a friend about it and he said to get them tightened down, to see if that would do anything.

I AM at the end of the electrical circuit in my subdivision. (Like 8th house from the end, but most of the people in the subdivision are rarely home and or are elderly people.). I highly doubt it has to do with my power grid. Since I asked my neighbor and he said no he doesn't have any issues.

Sorry for the completely horrifying wall of text, but I am concerned about my issue.
To long didn't read...
Fans seem to speed down at random times. About once every hour or so. Lights are not dimming, just noticing it on the fans. A/C is NOT kicking on when it occurs.

Thanks for the help!!!
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I am not an electrician but I have a guess based on past problems we have had with electricity. My guess is that you have a bad panel box possibly compromised by water infiltrating into the box. I say that because on a former rental we have that will soon be sold we had a panel box that had water in it and many times the dryer wouldn't work and the breaker was reset. Lights can dim too though and anything with a motor to it can slow down. We also had water at our own house and I do remember flickering lights.

This is just a guess though and you can have other problems that can cause the same thing such as back stabbed plugs that should have been wired around the screw on the plug. I am glad though that you are seriously considering an electrician as he can best diagnose your problems. I personally think he should check out your panel box first and then check other things such as receptacle or plug wiring. Panel boxes are expensive so if you do need to do that consider a heavy up at the same time.
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Call the electric company's 24-7 repair number (not customer service) and tell them you are having a problem with the electric and need their side checked. Tell them you have fluctuating voltage.
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It's only the fan that does this,And you hear the buzz at the same time?is the computer and UPS on the same circuit as the fan?
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Are you on municipal water or a well? Do you have a sump pump?
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It would really help to know if everything that slows down is on one or multiple circuits.
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Do you still have some incandescent light fixturess or bulbs? Incandescent lights dim (or brighten) more noticeably compared with LED or fluorescent when voltage fluctuates. Observe if lights on different circuits (such as often in different rooms) dim in unison as opposed to independently of one another. Have one plugged in on the same circuit as your computer and/or fan and/or other device that you observe slowing down or otherwise acting strangely.

Is the strange behavior for more than one second at a time? (A voltage drop of less then ten percent for less than a second is usually a non-problem.)

However lights brightening while others dim is a real problem. The cause could range from loose connections in back stabbed (push the wire in and it locks in place) receptacles to a bad wire or cable coming in from the utility pole.

A voltmeter (or multimeter) would be a better method of recording problems that last more than one second except you need to be watching it at during the time intevals the problem happens.

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