Remove 3-way switch to allow installation of outlet?

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Remove 3-way switch to allow installation of outlet?

My house has a 3-way switch pair that we do not need. What we DO need is an electrical outlet on the wall where one of the 3-way switches is located.

This is the situation in a nutshell:

Power from the panel goes to the switch on the left in the photo. The switch on the right is on the wall that needs the outlet. The ceiling fan (now controlled by remote) is the load.

Here's a graphic of what we currently have (I think) and what I thought it might be possible to do:

Essentially, I'd be using the unneeded red traveler as the neutral for my proposed new outlet and share the hot going into the switch on the right hand wall.

Apart from the incorrect color of the neutral, is there any reason why this wouldn't work?

All suggestions/observations appreciated.
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Welcome to the forums.

The power comes in the left switch.
There is a three wire cable between the switches.
There is a two wire cable from the right switch to the fan.
That would mean there would be a two wire and a three wire cable at the right box.
Do I have that correct ?

Does the power come in at the left switch.
A three wire cable to the light.
Another three wire cable from light to the right switch.
That would mean only a three wire cable at the right switch.

We need to know which wiring method was used. Either way... you have enough conductors to do what you want. Let us know.... we'll give you a diagram.
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This is PJ's first suggestion:

Name:  3-way_PWR-SW-1R.jpg
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Here are two other ways:

Name:  3-way_with_load.jpg
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Name:  3-way-load_Switch-Loop.jpg
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Note: You can not use a non contact tester to determine where power comes in. If you used one you don't really know and that could confuse how it is wired.
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You may not use a colored (here, red) wire (smaller than 4 gauge) as a neutral even if you put white tape around each end.

You might be able to swap the wires (label each wire end before disconnecting it) so the white down to the second switch location is used as the neutral for the new receptacle.

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