Inspector requires receptacle at meter base

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Inspector requires receptacle at meter base

Hello. I'm still working on my new construction electrical install. The inspector said I must install a 120. GFCI outlet out of the meter base. My question is how do you connect 12/2 wire to the meter base lugs when they are huge with only the double lug terminal ends I previously installed to accommodate my 2 load center panels mounted adjacent the meter base. He specifically wants the receptacle out of the meter base. Thanks for your help. Jim
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Do you not have a disconnect under the meter base? Is the meter base located on a pole? You will not connect anything to the meter lugs, period. The inspector may want a receptacle installed near the meter base, but it would come from your panel, and not directly from the meter lugs.
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My question is how do you connect 12/2 wire to the meter base lugs
The answer is, you don't. The receptacle wires would be required to have some type of over-current protection. The meter does not have any so anything you install should be after a main breaker/fuse. There are tap rules that would apply but they are too lengthy to go into here
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Note the electricity at the meter base is ALWAYS live! You will live longer if you don't mess with it.

You may want to go visit your local electrical inspectors office, take pictures of your meter base area, and ask if they meant to install a breaker panel below the meter base, and then install a breaker and GFCI outlet from that panel.

Electrical inspectors offices usually have hours/days designated where you can go and ask questions.
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I assume you are talking about your saw pole for temporary power during construction. You attach a piece of plywood to the pole and install a breaker box suitable for exterior use. They are quite common and many contractors and electricians have several that they re-use from job to job. In that box you can install GFCI breakers and run conduit to an outdoor box, outlet and cover.

My inspectors will not permit simply running Romex from the box, lying on the ground, to the house under construction. If you do it, make sure it is removed before an inspection. My inspectors will allow you to plug an extension cord into a properly wired socket on the saw pole. This extension cored can be heavier than standard. I run a 30 amp cord to the house and have a box inside the house with standard 15 amp sockets. The big wire for a long run helps high load things like a compressor start and can allow several people to work simultaneously without tripping the 15 amp breaker way out at the pole.

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Dane posted a representative picture of what is being discussed.

It would probably very beneficial to get a picture from the OP.

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