Power Assist Wheelbarrow

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Power Assist Wheelbarrow

I have a motorized wheelbarrow that has worked for two years, and just recently quit on me. I couldn't figure what was going on and finally just ended replacing the existing switch with a new one. After soldering it on I realized it was a 12 volt DC switch while the dual batteries output a combined force of 24 volts DC, the wheel barrow turns on, but is more like person assisted wheelbarrow (crawls like a slug). Is the switch the problem? Do I need a 24 volt switch for it?

Thanks for any help/suggestions ahead of time.
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It's unlikely the switch is causing the problem, unless it is seriously undersized and can't handle the current draw of the motor(s). What kind of batteries are used, regular lead acid batteries? I would make sure the battery terminal and motor connections are clean and tight. After that, I'd suspect a bad cell or two in one or both batteries.

What's the brand and model no?
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I would think if the switch was a problem it would burn up from the extra volts. Have you tested the batteries? power at the switch?
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Is the switch the problem?
No. The switch may have a short life but it doesn't affect output. Have you checked the voltage at the battery with and without load? That is when the motor isn't on and when it is on.
the dual batteries output a combined force of 24 volts DC
Two 12 volt batteries could be either 12 volts or 24 volts depending on if they are connected parallel or series. How did you determine the voltage?
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The wheel barrow has a throttle PAW - Electric Wheelbarrow on the throttle are three lights the third (green) is not turning on, battery indicators, only the red and the yellow turn on (fully charged) and the yellow flickers when the throttle is held down which is why I believed the switch might be an issue as the switch might not be able to carry the 24 volt current to the motor(which you have debunked) I also held the two wires on the switch posts together before I put the switch on and all three lights lit. The switch is a SeaChoice 12v toggle switch this is basically it. Seachoice Toggle Switch 2 Position Off/On - Star Marine Depot
I got the voltage by testing them separately (12 volts each) and testing them connected (24 volts)
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According to the owners manual that unit has two speeds. The reverse and basic forward are low speed and then burst of speed in the forward direction with the throttle.

That switch you replaced looks like a basic power switch. I doubt any heavy current is brought up to the control handle. I also doubt 24v is switched across that switch. You replaced the power switch on a hunch but it may not have been bad.

If all three lights aren't lit you may have a weak battery problem.

You should check both batteries separately. You will find them connected in series.

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