Switch Location Requirements

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Switch Location Requirements

I saw a vague comment once that suggested that code might require a wall light switch outside of each interior room before you enter it.

For a variety of reasons, I want to move the switch that controls my kitchen ceiling light from it's current location on the right to a new location on the left, but there is a pantry door immediately on the left, so the switch would have to be on the far side of that pantry door (approximately 2.5' past the doorway to enter the kitchen.) It can't go inside the kitchen on the right either b/c of cabinetry issues.

The kitchen doorway and the pantry door form an L, and the switches will be past this L. So, you will have to enter the kitchen before you can turn on the light.

Does anyone know if the national/Maryland code prohibits this plan?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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210.70(A)(1), (2) and (3). At least one wall-switch-controlled lighting outlet must be installed in every habitable room (and bathroom) of a dwelling [210.70(A)(1)]. This provision requires at least one lighting outlet in every habitable room and at least one wall switch to control it.
But the location of the switch is not specified however. Local code may vary.

90.1(C), the Code is not intended as a design specification.
Location a is apparently considered a design specification.

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It would make more since to have the switch outside the room so your not walking into a dark room, but I've never seen it done that way.
I open the door and the switch is always on backside of the wall on the knob side of the door.

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