Wiring To New Outdoor Kitchen


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Wiring To New Outdoor Kitchen

I am in the process of putting in an outdoor bar and counter area with sink. Really started as a project to hide the propane tank we got after having to switch from natural gas. I redid the deck that is above the patio where the bar and counter are going in and adjacent to the deck is a screened in porch. The screened in porch has two light fixtures and one outlet all on the same switch so for the outlet to work the lights have to be on. I am planning on replacing the existing outlet and adding several more inside the screened in porch all with constant power. The other thing I am going to do is run power out to the new bar and counter as well as an additional outlet for some string lights I am going to be installing. I have purchased the 12-2 UF wire which will be my primary wire for the project. The question I have is that under the deck I have metal roofing to provide dry storage area under the deck. I need to run the wire between the deck and the roofing. I was planning just to run straight UF but am unsure if I should run conduit and THWN instead. There will actually be two runs of wire, one to a switch for the string lights and the other which will eventually run to power to the bar and counter but for now will just be there for future use. I have conduit run under the patio for the wire and up the wall to where the metal roof starts to provide physical protection. The question is once I run through the header and under the deck I am better to convert to THWN inside conduit or should I just run the UF and go with it. I will try to get pictures in the morning and post them to give you a better idea.
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If you run conduit and THHN/THWN wires the conduit run will have to be continuous from box to box. It might be easier to just run two cables of UF.
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My plan is to run UF under the porch. Really what I am wondering is if I should run the UF to a junction box on the header which would be picture 4. Run THWN from that junction both through conduit which will come down where picture 3 is and the down to the conduit in picture 2 and then up under the counter in picture 1 which would have another junction box which would convert to UF and go on from there. I am definitely having whatever I use in conduit down the wall in picture 3 through the area in picture 1 to provide physical protection.
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The only place where I think you would really need physical protection is the area where the conduits come up from the ground near the lattice door. All that would be required by code is some framing lumber like a 2x4 you can secure the cable to for protection and support. All the other pictured areas I think are OK for UF as long as you support it by boring holes through the framing or securely stapling the cable.

I'd lean toward conduit if you think there will be rodents around especially if you're in an area that gets winter weather as they like to chew up cables for nesting if they can get to them. Otherwise I think UF is fine for this situation.
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