No power and breaker has not been tripped

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No power and breaker has not been tripped

I lost power to two rooms in my house but the breaker did not trip. I have true flipping it off and back on and it does not restore the power. What is strange I can turn on my dryer which is not on same breaker and the lights will come back on. Changed out the breaker and it does the same thing. It doesn't do this all the time and it appears it occurs when TV and lights are oonivin room are on an in the living room and I turn on lights on in the kitchen. Can someone help me out?
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What is strange I can turn on my dryer which is not on same breaker and the lights will come back on.
Strange but is a common problem. Your panel delivers two legs of 120v power. Each one is referenced to neutral. You have lost one of the legs and when you turn the dryer on..... it allows power to flow in on the working leg and out on the dead leg.

If you've lost a one leg of the 240v power it would mean that half the single pole breakers are dead.
You turned the dryer on but it will not heat. Any 240v device will not work.

We need some information......
Is there just one panel or is this a sub panel ?
Have you ever opened the panel up to look or work inside ?
If no..... you may need an electrician.
It could very well be outside the house and you may need to call the power company.
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If you have a multimeter and feel comfortable going in the panel test the voltage across the two power legs coming in at the main breaker to see if you have 240V +-. Do the same check after the main breaker. Also check that you have 120V+- between each power leg to the neutral.
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You could have a bad main breaker or a problem in your meter socket, but most often when I see this problem it turns out to be a power company problem. I would proactively go ahead and call the power company emergency number and get them out to check for a lost leg to the service. The worst that can happen is that they'll find everything is Ok. Most power companies have Trouble Trucks on the road 24/7 and don't charge for these types of issues.

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