Electrical tape or not

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Electrical tape or not

Need a consensus. When replacing a 15 amp wall outlet, should you wrap the outlet terminals with electrical tape.
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Tape is not customarily used. The wiring relies on its insulation, careful bending and placement, and its rigidity so as not to touch in the wrong places.
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If you are installing the device in a plastic box there is no point. I do not normally tape my devices, even when installing in a metal box. However, there is nothing wrong with doing it. It is just another step and is personal preference.
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Not necessary.
I only do it if the device (outlet or switch) needs to be left outside of the junction box for drywall installation.
I sometimes do it when metal junction box is used, especially when the box is tight.
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Should you? No, not really necessary.

Can you? Sure, it's your house, go ahead - you're not going to hurt anything.

FWIW, none of the ones I have installed in my house are taped.
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FWIW, it's a real PIA when you start to remove a duplex receptacle that was taped when it was installed.
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For the reason CasualJoe mentions, in the rare cases I feel the need to tape receptacles or switches I fold back a very small portion at the end of the tape. That makes it much easier for the next guy to remove. And the next guy might be me!
The times I may use tape are when a metal mud ring or switch box is set back close to the 1/4" maximum from the surface, which brings the device terminals up close to the metal opening.
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As Casual Joe mentions, mastic from old tape is extremely messy. For that very reason I always used White or Grey tape for anything permanent. Still messy but nowhere near as objectionable if it gets transferred somewhere unintended.
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Agree with others. I'm not sure where this idea that tape was needed with with wire nuts. My old man use to use tape also. Never understood why.

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