Help with adding outlet for TV.


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Help with adding outlet for TV.

Hello. I have mounted a TV on the wall. It above a vented fireplace. Above the mantle, I have sheetrock where the TV is mounted. My house is a few years old. The wiring is in the attack and is easily accessible. My laymans knowledge is to add a junction box in the attack, splice into the existing wire, run a new wire down the wall, and add the outlet. I want to make sure I do this to code and not cut corners, so I could use some pointers.
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You cannot just splice into the middle of a run by installing a junction box unless you can get 6" of free conductor from both ends of the cable you will cut. At minium, you will need 2 junction boxes and add a piece of cable between them.

For the outlet behind the TV use a remodel box.
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Ahh. Got it. Makes sense.

So far, I have this as my steps...

1. Add two junction boxes in the attack to allow of at least 6" of free wire on each end that I cut.

2. Drill a hole in the top-plate to run the wire down. Make sure I re-seal the hole.

A few questions I have at this point.

1) Does the wire have to be attached to the stud, or can it just be loosely fed in between the insulation and the wall?

2) Since there is a vented gas fireplace chimney behind the sheetrock and insulation, would there be any horizontal fire retardant studs I may run into?

3) Does the fact that the chimney runs behind the sheetrock pose any issues?

4) Does the outlet box have to be secured to the stud?

5) How high off the attic floor do the two junction boxes have to be?

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1) The cable does not need to be fastened in an insulated wall.
2) Doubtful
3) If it's just a wood framed fireplace..... no.
4) No. In your application it will be an old work box that gets cut into and attached to the sheetrock.
5) You only need two junction boxes if there is no spare cable. The two boxes will allow you to add in several feet to work with.

Consider the placement of the box carefully behind the TV. Typically the receptacle should be towards the upper part of the TV's footprint. That's because the TV is tipped down and there is more room at the top for the receptacle. You can use a recessed box designed just for this application and it can go pretty much anywhere. It will also allow you to bring the cable(s) out too.

Example of media box

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