Wago lever-nuts


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Wago lever-nuts

Bought some Wago lever nuts to use in a couple of cramped boxes to save space over wirenuts. What I find a little concerning is after closing the levers the wires don't seem to be all that tight in that you can turn the wire in the connector fairly easily. Can't help the feeling that the connection could be a candidate to build up resistence similar to the problems some backstab connectors exhibit. Anyone have any long term experience in their use? Yes, I am using the correct wire size/connector with solid wire.
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I have used the Wago 221 connectors in low voltage led lighting and found them to be fine, stranded wire. If those are the same connectors you are referring to I would not use them in electrical household wiring as they are only rated for 450 volts, where as normal wiring is rated at 600v. That to me is a concern for joining the normal wiring using those and so I would stick with wire nuts.
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They only need to be rated up to the voltage where they'll be used.
In home wiring..... that would be 240v. NM-b is rated for 600v as it can be used on circuits up to 600v.

Those connectors are made to squeeze tightly on the wiring.
Since the wiring is round.... they will spin. That doesn't mean they're loose.

Personally..... I don't like quick connects.
I don't even use them in recessed fixtures where they come pre-installed.
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They have been used in lighting applications for a long time, and I personally haven't seen problems with them. I don't know about the industry as a whole, but I suppose no news is good news.

They haven't been used on general-purpose circuits for all that long so I don't think we have enough data yet to make a conclusion.

The advantage that lever nuts have over backstabs is that they are not subjected to the plug-in/unplug strain that receptacles are which might give them some advantage. It's hard to say for sure though.
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