Wall Socket & Lightning Surge?

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Wall Socket & Lightning Surge?

Hello Everyone. MY friend had a bad lightning storm which blew out the transformer in his back driveway. the Surge went thru and burnt out his washing machine. General Electric repair fixed the washer but could not use the socket it was plugged into. so an electrician put a new outlet in the wall, the washer would still not work in that socket but it works any where else. but when he plugged in a vacuum cleaner to the same new outlet, it worked just fine.. My question is, how come the washer no longer worked in that new outlet but the vacuum cleaner did? Thanks
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how come the washer no longer worked in that new outlet but the vacuum cleaner did?
The only way to answer that question is to check with a voltmeter from hot to neutral and hot to ground. There may be a ground issue bothering the washer.
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I don't know, but it sounds like a weird problem. Lightning can do some pretty crazy stuff, so it's hard to speculate without seeing it in person. Are there other receptacles on this circuit and do they work normally? Is there anything special about this circuit -- does it have GFCI or AFCI protection?

I suppose I would start by measuring voltages at the troubled receptacle under load. For example, plug in the vacuum and turn it on, then measure the voltages at the other open receptacle.
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My first test would be L1 to N and L2 to N voltage check. Lightning currents are stressful to the system, including the neutral wires.
Its a reach, but the laundry recept may be on a different phase than the other recepts tried.

Vacuum motors have a high tolerance for voltage range.
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The socket works. The washer works. The problem has to be the plug into the socket. There must a connection issue of some sort.

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