Door bell actuator

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Door bell actuator

Hello, just joined up and hoping for a little input on a door bell project.

I got my hands on a ship growler alarm and would love rig it up as the door bell at our new shop.

its wired for 110v and thinking I need some kind of relay or actuator that upon pushing the outside button would power the unit for 5 seconds or so, enough for 3 or 4 “Aghwoooga’s”

I’ve spent a little time googling, but think my lack of vocabulary in this field is hindering results.
Any advice is appreciated
Capt Fred
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Welcome to the forums.

I'm sure we could help if we knew what you had. Can you post a picture of it for us ?

Off the top of my head you would need a 12-16vAC relay that could switch 120v.
However a basic relay would only work as long as the button is pushed which should be plenty if the device is loud.
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Left the shop for the day but can certainly get a picture tomorrow.
It’s presently wired with standard 110 2 prong plug and works when connected to a wall outlet.
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Would a momentary push not do the job? As long as the button was held the horn would sound.

Or you need an off delay relay activated by the same push button. Push button; relay activates. Release button; timer action starts and holds power on for set time.

Time Delay Relay | ON Delay Timer | OFF Delay Timer | Electrical Academia

OFF Delay Timer Working Principle

Like on-delay timers, off-delay timers can be easily identified. The off-delay timer coil is labeled the same way as other loads are identified in ladder diagrams with the exception of the abbreviation of TD to indicate time delay. The contacts of the off-Delay look like a single pole switch with an arrow pointing down from the switch. The normally open off delay contact is called normally open time open and the normally closed is called normally closed time close contacts. The reason for the opposite operation is because the off-delay contacts are instantaneous. Once the coil of the off-delay timer is energized the contacts immediately change their state. The off-delay coil is energized in a control circuit but the counting will not be started.

The off-delay count does not start until the power has been removed from the coil. Once the coil has been de-energized the time will begin to elapse and when the accumulated time is equal to the preset time the contacts of the off delay will go back to their normal state.

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