Oversized conduit bender?


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Oversized conduit bender?

I need to make a few offset bends of 3/4" EMT conduits.

I have a 1/2" EMT bender but not 3/4", and once I made these bends I probably will never need one again. I don't really want to buy a 3/4" bender for a few bends.

However one of my neighbors has a 1" EMT bender head laying around. He is ok for me to borrow it and I am wondering can I somehow use this 1" bender to bend the 3/4" EMT?

It will be loose but will it still work adequately - assuming I know that the marks for begin of bend, center of bend, and the angles are going to be off and I am OK with that and will compensate accordingly.

Will the collar where the insert begins/ends being loose cause the conduit to bend into a kink? Will the conduit having less "side support" cause it to flatten or kink?
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It might work, give it a try and let us know. As long as it doesn't kink the pipe I would say you are good to go.

Too bad you don't live closer. I have 3 - 3/4" heads in my garage not doing anything.
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The 1" bender will crush the 3/4" more than a 3/4" bender would. So, I think it depends on how much you need to fit through the tubing. It certainly wouldn't hurt to do a test bend on a piece of 3/4" and see if there is enough room for your wires. If it doesn't work you can rent a bender. Or, just measure and write down the bends you need and go to a hardware store. If you're nice they probably will make the bends for you. You could also ask a electrician to see if they could make the bends for you.
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The conduit will end up egg shaped from the lack of support on the sidewalls.
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I don't really want to buy a 3/4" bender for a few bends.

Better to have a tool not being used than to do a hack job, I'd just buy one, they aren't that expensive. You never know, you might need it again.
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Did you check local tool rental shop?
I just checked United rentals in my area and it is $12 per day or $37 per week.

I'd say it is worth renting if you will use it for just a day. If using for a week or more, probably make more sense to buy one even if you only use once.
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The benders all use the same screw in handle. The 3/4" head is only $25.

3/4" conduit bender head
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Wow! I didn't realize the cost of a simple bender had gone up so much. But, for occasional use, here is one that's only $15, just not a name brand.

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You might try padding the conduit...

Just for two bends, you might try padding the section of emt with enough layers of newspaper, or some other flexible material to allow it a snug fit in the bender. Might work and prevent too much egg/oval cross section.

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