I just wanted to come back to say thank you.

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I just wanted to come back to say thank you.

I posted on here over 2 years ago and I wanted to come back and say thank you for the help I received. I frequent a different forum and one of the users passed away and it made me think that I never really said thank you to him for all of his help.

The thread here was Opinion of putting main breaker box in wall on the back side of shower stall

I think of this thread almost daily, so thank you to pcboss, PJmax, and AllanJ. Your knowledge is greatly appreciated and you guys tirelessly help those of us who should probably not be touching electrical in the first place.

For the ones that don't want to look it up, I was replacing my outside meter mount with a meter panel that included the service disconnect and then a new 200 amp breaker panel inside. The city I live in will let you get the permits and do your own electrical work.

I was really stressing this one out, but finances told me I had to DIY. I was worried about taking a long time with the power shut off and getting in a hurry to get the old breaker panel out and the new one in. After reading some, I realized that I didn't have to put the new breaker panel in the exact same spot since I had the external service disconnect. That lead to the question about putting the new breaker panel on the opposite side of the shower.

Long story short, once AllenJ brought up the suggestion of back feeding the new panel from the old panel things were so much less stressful. Thank you. I was able to mount the new meter panel and mount the new breaker panel without having to cut power. I ran a cable from my old breaker panel to the new panel. Then I was able to run new branch circuits to the new breaker panel and feed off of it.

The day of the inspection for the meter panel and the connection to the new breaker panel went without a hitch. The only thing he really asked me if I was going to remove the old breaker box and I told him yes, I would in the next few days. He put a green tag on my outside meter panel and the next week the guys came to hook up the wires from my weatherhead. Then I removed the bonding strap in the old breaker box and took my time to rewire the rest of the branch circuits.

I wasn't wanting to post in public in case my inspector frequented here, but I just needed to say thanks.

Here is the pics for the non faint of heart.

Old CH breaker box.

After adding cable to new breaker box.

Few days before inspection.

Old meter beside new meter panel.

Anyone need this for their electrical museum?

Almost done.

Thanks you guys.


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I don't know if any of them are on today, but they'll see your post. Always nice to get good feedback here.
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Glad we were able to help. Clean looking install.

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