bench grinder/wheel inquiry

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bench grinder/wheel inquiry

I am wanting to replace the wire wheel especially, and perhaps the grinder wheel too, on this old machine:

Looks like the wire wheel is about an inch thick and I can't seem to find online such a match. I think the arbor is 1/2" but plan on measuring it so I know for sure. The wire wheel is 3" in diameter and says Black and Decker but no other model/type number for the wheel I can see:

Here's a shot of the grinding wheel on the opposite end of the wire wheel:

Here's the info on the machine label/plate:

I looked online at places like Amazon but don't seem to be able to come up with a nice thick wire wheel like matches the one on the machine now, which is what I want to acquire. I would think such a wheel is available but maybe not so much because the machine is quite old, maybe they don't make that size kind of wire wheel anymore?

Also am kind of confused as to how to remove the wire wheel. I put a wrench on the nut and put another wrench on the other nut on the grinder side and turned counter-clockwise and the nut on the grinder side turns and will unscrew off but the nut on the wire wheel side doesn't seem to unscrew off as I do the turning of wrenches. Wondering what the "trick" might be.

Any help/comments appreciated.

Edit: Upon looking more closely at that label plate, it says 1/2" arbor (pretty sure although the printing is kinda scuffed off) and says uses 6" grinding wheel. I suppose that means that wire wheel that says 3" on it actually takes a 6" wire wheel, and same with the grinding wheel, except they're just worn way down? Plus (as I mentioned) I'm wanting that thick 1" or so type wire wheel but all the ones I've come across seem to be the skinnier type.

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The only one I could find was at Manhattan Supply but it is a bronze brush and VERY expensive. Generally the widest I found brushes with a 1/2" arbor is 9/16". Most of the 1" wide brushes have a 1 1/4" arbor.
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One end is likely left hand thread.
The 1/2" / 5/8 means there a bushing that could be knocked out if needed to fit a larger arbor.
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Grainger has what you are looking for.
There are many other places to purchase that same item.

That style of "grinder" is usually used as a buffing/polishing machine using cloth buffing wheels and wire wheels.
Back when that unit was made safety was not as big a concern and today grinders using abrasive wheels have shields.

Although you have been using that thing for quite some time if the grinding wheel does shatter and you are not well protected it would not be good.
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One end is likely left hand thread.
Yup. ^ Thanks joecaption. That was the trick! Got 'er off.

The wheel I need is indeed 6" in diameter, and not 3" like I mistakenly stated originally (6" stamped on wheel cut off in following photo):

And upon measurement, it is likely considered a 1" wide "face":

Which means that DeWalt brand one which GregH linked probably is the match. Thanks GregH! And yeah maybe I should think about fashioning some kind of safety shield onto the machine in case the grinding wheel shatters.

Hey thanks a bunch for all the helpful replies here.
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You can still get shields, rests and screens from Baldor. Their parts support is amazing, but.. it won't be cheap. Your best bet is to look for a used one with all the parts in place. As far as the wheels and brushes go, I think 1" wide is a bit much for this machine. I have the same grinder and like to have something in the range of 1/2 to 3/4 wide on it. Works better for getting into tight places too.

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