angle grinder mower blade

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angle grinder mower blade

I sharpen my mower blades using an angle grinder.
I've always done this by the disc spinning into the edge and never had any trouble but a lot of sites recommend to have it spin away from the edge.
Does it matter? The metal on these blades is usually soft enough that it gets sharp quickly.
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I only use the grinder every so often, as a lot of times a file will suffice, but when I do, I run it from the inside out because it's easier to see what I am doing from the end of the blade rather than from the middle. You're not looking for a knife edge, so I have never considered direction that critical. The main things are that is does a pretty quick job so you need to watch that you don't take off more than you want, and to pace it so that you don't overheat the blade.
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Disk will last longer if you change direction.
I switched to 40 grit flap wheel instead of a grinding disk works great and less heat and seems to be faster.
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Does the direction matter for kickback? I always assumed the grinder would not catch an edge on this type of metal
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I would think it's a safety thing, you dont want the grinder turning into the sharp edge where it could catch.

Also you always want to grind with the sparks away from you!
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When you sharpen from the blade towards the edge it can leave a thin piece of metal on that edge. If you grind from the edge towards the blade it removes that excess edge. But as said, on it really doesn't matter on a mower blade. The more razor sharp you make it the faster it will get dull.


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