make table saw quieter

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make table saw quieter

I have the Ryobi 10 inch portable table saw about 9 years old from Lowes.
Its cheap but works and is loud. Has anyone here had one of these or similar and figured out how to make it a little bit quieter..maybe some sound mat pasted around the motor box...
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Its cheap but works and is loud.
Basically it is what it is. A better unit would be quieter.
I doubt you could do anything to make it quieter.
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Install earplugs in your ears and then add earmuffs. That will make the say quieter to you. Universal motors tend to be quite loud.
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This must be the model with the plastic base and direct drive? Not the BT3100 with the sheet metal construction and belt drive?

As the other's have said, it's pretty loud brand new, if it's been used a lot, it's probably got some worn parts that don't help.

Cleaning and tightening everything is about all you could do to the saw itself. Use it outside whenever possible and use hearing protection.
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IMO those sound deadening ear muffs it the most economical and effective way to go.
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I'm now almost completely deaf and although they never identified a specific reason I believe I contributed much to the problem by not wearing hearing protection. Ear and eye protection all of the time no matter what and that will solve the noise issue for you, as suggested.

If the noise is a problem for the neighbors or family members it can be reduces a small amount but doubtful anyone would call it an improvement.

Even when I can't hear loud noises I realize they can damage my ear drums,,, especially since I can't hear them.

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I believe I contributed much to the problem by not wearing hearing protection
And we now live in a time when everybody is wearing ear buds all day! ENT's will be rich in the future!
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Keeps our daughter gainfully employed as a deaf and hard of hearing teacher.

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