"Driver drill" vs regular drill vs "impact" ??


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"Driver drill" vs regular drill vs "impact" ??

I am getting ready to attempt to drill a hole into glass tile on a wall - and yes I am going to practice on a board-mounted tile first. But I was wondering if I have the proper tools to do this. I have a Dremel, but all the "how tos" online just show a regular drill being used, with a special bit. So that got me wondering - is my drill one that could even be used for this?

I have a Makita FD02W Cordless Driver-Drill - that is the name of the actual drill on websites. To me, it's just a nice smallish cordless drill. I do notice that when I drive a screw in, when it gets tight it makes this noise (sort of a hammering) that my old drill did not. I honestly don't know what makes it a "Driver drive" vs just a drill, or what defines an "Impact drill". I did a little browsing online but really did not see a clear explanation, or at least did not find one that makes me confident that my drill is appropriate for the job at hand. In fact, apparently it has 2 speeds that can be used - and I did not even know that. So I feel even more stupid after researching!
I appreciate your advice.
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I looked up your drill. It has a jawed chuck like a regular drill so you can use it to drill tile or anything.

A driver usually only accepts 1/4" hex shank bits and they simply lock in, no chuck. They call your drill a driver because it has a low speed.
Bosch sells a set of very nice glass and tile bits, best I've used and they cut easily.

The hammering is a clutch, you can adjust the torque. I have a Bosch pocket driver and it is very strong, at the highest setting some screws will snap off.
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For drilling, you will want to turn the collar to the depiction of a drill bit to override the clutch. When drilling a surface like that I typically apply a piece of masking tape to help prevent the bit from walking.
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For drilling glass or tile the drill bit is the most important item. And yes a regular drill is the proper tool to use. Many say not to do it, but I always strike a very light prick using a center punch prior to drilling. It breaks the glaze and that will prevent the drill from walking on a glazed surface. I never had a problem doing this. Masking tape might help but it's no guaranty. The center punch is a guaranty.
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What size hole are you drilling?

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