Bike chain tool for chainsaw chain?


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Bike chain tool for chainsaw chain?

I'm having trouble finding a ripping chain for my chainsaw in the right size, but I can find one that's a few links too long. My chainsaw is only 18" which is on the smaller side for chainsaw milling, but its easy to find ripping chains for 20" bars.

I have a bike chain tool that I feel comfortable using to remove links from a chain, generally speaking. Is it safe and effective to use a bike chain tool to remove the extra links from a chainsaw chain?
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I have used a bike chain breaker tool for shortening a garage door opener chain before so I suspect it would work just fine for a chain saw chain.
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Why don't you just get a 20" bar?
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A chain saw chain uses a pin driving tool similar to a bicycle chain, but the replacement pin doesn't just press in. It has a rivet type tool that peens over the end to make the pin captive and smooth. Very common to shorten or actually make a chain from bulk stock.

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I agree with Mad Scientist - it makes more sense to buy a longer bar and chain.
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The bike chain tool will work temporarily, (about a day) but it's not a correct fix,
you will eventually have a spectacular chain failure.

Better to invest in a 20" bar
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would check your local chainsaw shops if they stock ripping/milling chain by the reel most should be able to make whatever size you need could also check online at places like baileys that could make up a chain loop also.
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There is a bike chain tool that will peen the ends of the pin (Rolhoff Revolver III) but it's on the dear side of $100.
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Iím struggling with this exact situation, and decided the thing to do was to buy another normal chain and resharpen the cutters to a squarer profile. I'll use my angle grinder. I donít think it will do as good a job as the proper rip chain but then again it wonít cost as much either.
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Thanks for the advice everyone., particularly Bud and Alan. I see what you're saying peening now too.

I'm hesitant to get a 20" bar because my chainsaw isn't very powerful. I did find that Granberg makes custom length ripping chains. I'll see if I can find somewhere locally too.
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