Is circular blade more powerful than straight blade?

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Is circular blade more powerful than straight blade?

I always feel that circular saws are more effective than jig saws, angle grinders are more effective than reciprocating saws, and table saws are more effective than band saws. Is it true?
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It depends on what you are cutting.
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If you were to replace "are more effective" with "cut faster than", then I would say that it is true almost all of the time. Circular saws cut faster than jig saws, angle grinders cut faster than reciprocating saws, and table saws cut faster than band saws, but that does not mean they are more effective because, as Mark said, it depends on what you are cutting. I've cut a lot of things with a jig saw, reciprocating saw, or band band saw that might have been done a lot faster with a circular saw, angle grinder, or table saw, except that whatever I was doing would have been scrap because each one of these tools has unique characteristics, and there is a time and place for each of them. No comparison really, other than sometimes there is more than one way to skin the cat.
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It is more about the blade speed. Circular tools tend to spin at high rpm's so the cutting surface (teeth) is moving very fast. Reciprocating blades must come to a complete stop at each end of their stroke and move more slowly in between. They are very different cutting tools intended for different jobs. Each has it's own place in the shop.
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Next week after a few cocktails I'll bring this up with the guys, it's up there with some of the other enlightening conversations we've had.

Will post the final end all results!!
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"Effective" must not the English word you are looking for.

A circular saw is certainly not more "effective" in cutting a circle, for example. So what exactly are you asking? Which is more useful? Which might be used more often?

As mentioned, each has a purpose or special use.

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