Recommend a miter saw.


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Recommend a miter saw.

I'm looking to buy a miter saw and want one that is capable of essentially handling anything I'll throw at it.

I dont want to buy a "basic" saw now only to upgrade in a couple of years.

One that seems to be highly recommended is the Dewalt 779:

One of the drawbacks seems to be that theres no laser guide.

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That is the saw I got last Christmas, Wish I had bought long time ago. As to laser guide I got one of these. Google this. Added this and work great.

miter saw laser guide attachment
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Excellent choice, I have the 12" non slider and your game plan is sound to get now what you will eventually want/need without the extra costs of intermediate purchases.

I cringe when folks talk about buying that cheap harbor freight tool knowing in the long run it's just a bad decision!

BTW, that is a great price on the saw!

I did start out with a B&D 10" 99$ saw, but it still gets a lot of use as a chop saw to keep the other saw in pristine condition.

there's no laser guide.
I guess I've survived all these years without one so personally I'd pass.

Now for the accessories:


Here is the one I have, had a DeWalt fixed stand, it was good but difficutlt to move around, this thing is rock solid and folds up into compact space!


I came across these when installing my oak flooring a few years ago, they are diamond coated, expensive, but after all these years they still cut wood like soft butter, I probably will never switch back to my conventional blades!
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Good choice. I'm sure that you won't be disappointed, now or in the future. I opted for the 10" version, DW717, because mine travels a fair amount so a few pounds here and there adds up, I had a pretty good number of good 10" blades, and the one I have handles stair treads and 2x12's fine, so the only significant advantage I could see with the 12" was crown moulding, which I didn't have any intention of doing. And, at that time, the 10" was a fair amount less as I recall, but, although I'm not in the market, it seems that lately I have noticed the 12" ones selling for near and sometimes less than the 10". Either way though, otherwise pretty much the same saw and I'm very satisfied with it. As far as a laser, I have one, it works fine, and I do use it sometimes, but got by without lasers on saws for 40-some years so could take it or leave it. My opinion on such things like that is that you can have all of the modern technology there is, but it's only as good as the basics like blade selection, knowing to keep the table clear so that sawdust isn't holding the stock out from the backstop, and things like that. Stand selection is important, and everyone is going to have their own opinion of the right choice, depending on how they will use it. If you have enough wall space that you want to dedicate to woodworking, and it fits your needs, I know a few guys who have long benches on either side of their saws with the saw itself setting on a recessed section in the middle. I like my DW723 stand for deck construction, trim, and other long work. But currently I've been making toys for the grand nieces and nephews for Christmas so that long stand is hanging on the wall and the saw is on a smaller stand with fold down wings I built for general shop use.
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I dont know what the difference is between it and the saw I have, the DWX780... looks like basically the same saw, but the 780 comes with the XPS lighting system which casts a bright led light down the blade to create a shadow line where your cut will be. I think it's better than a laser although it isn't the best on a bright sunny day if you're cutting white prepainted stock.

I know when Larry was still here he always recommended the 12" Bosch. Don't know the model #.
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