Motion sensor with wireless remote relay


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Motion sensor with wireless remote relay

I've searched and searched but can't find what I'm looking for. The requirement is rather simple, I would like a motion sensor that sends a wireless signal to a remote NO relay. Then I can use the relay contacts to activate whatever type alarm I desire. All the motion detectors, such as driveway monitors I've found all have built in buzzers, bells, etc. All I want is relay contact points.

Short of modifying a system similar to the driveway monitors can anyone point me to a system I've described. Thanks
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I seriously doubt there is a "system" to do what you want. But that shouldn't stop you from trying to build one.

Consider this:
  1. Relay output of a motion detector trips the input of wireless transmitter.
  2. Output of wireless receiver trips your final device (or if your final device draws more than the receiver output can handle, the receiver trips a TTL-input relay that trips your final device).
For stand-alone wireless, Inovonics, Linear and Visonic come to mind. Just google brandname wireless .

But since you have to get power to the motion and transmitter, why not eliminate the wireless? The motion will probably use a reed relay, so you'll still need a TTL relay.
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There are several models that give you the option of simply turning the chime function off. For example: RCTD-20U | OPTEX
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Do you have line power (AC outlets) where you want to put the motion sensor?

If you do, then it's pretty simple to use a standard hardwired motion sensor hooked through a garage-door type xmtr and receiver to activate a relay.

If not, then kindly tell us the whole scenario so we can help you. If you're not in the USA, mention that too, so we won't recommend stuff that plugs into 120VAC.
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Norm - I was hoping for a wireless solution. While I could possibly run wires, it would be time consuming and more difficult than I hoped. I was also looking for an off the shelf solution versus building something. Mostly a time issue.

TOldMan - Something like a driveway alert as I mentioned was what I was looking for. A battery powered motion sensor transmitting to a receive which contains a relay. I have flexibility on locating the receiver so I can use AC power there and it doesn't need to be battery powered.

MrRon - turning off the sound is fine but only if there were relay contacts to attach another type of sound producing device.

COne - As I mentioned above I would prefer the motion sensor to be battery operated and communicate wirelessly. I do have 120vac at the receiver end and yes I am in the US.

More specifically I do not have easy access to AC power at the location for the motion sensor. I'm considering two locations, one outside the entry door to my shop, or just inside. Again that's why I was looking for something similar to the driveway alarms, that are battery operated and transmit a wireless signal to a receiver.

For the bell/alarm/buzzer on the receiver side I have a vintage door bell ringer that I would like to use. I'm not sure of the exact voltage but it works fine with a 9V wall wart type power supply. So the desire is to find or modify a receiver that contains an N.O. set of contact relays. I could then drive the doorbell ringer voltage via the relay. Actually pretty simple, but everything I find has a built in alarm. Thanks
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MrRon - I took another look at the link you posted and the Optex does have a set of Form C relay contacts so it looks like this would work. Other than a $100 price tag it looks like a possible solution
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