Auto arming on NX8-V2 ...


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Auto arming on NX8-V2 ...

Sorry, friends - one more post! I've taken control of these panels, and have lots of questions!

I'm trying to auto arm the NX8-V2 panel. I've modified program 55 and I've also set the time correctly. At the pre-designated time, the panel is auto arming, but it's auto arming in stay mode, not away mode. This is a remote building, so there's no one in it when the panel arms, and we want to have all zones active, including the interior motions.

Can the panel auto arm in away mode? If it can't, can I just change the zone types on the interior motions to "instant" so they would trip if an intruder were to set it off? We don't have all of our doors wired to the system, so it's important that the motions create an alarm condition if they're tripped.

Thanks everyone!
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What are the zone type numbers for the motions?? Type 5? If it is, and you leave Location 23, Segment 1, item3 turned ON, that's your problem (Auto Bypass is turned ON...)

Either use Zone type 4 or Turn OFF Location 23 programming as mentioned above if you leave it as zone type 5
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I finally had some time to look this up today, and here's what I've found:

Zone 09 - Interior motion--------------------TYPE 4
Zone 10 - Interior motion--------------------TYPE 3
Zone 11 - Interior door------------------------TYPE 6
Zone 12 - Exterior door------------------------TYPE 6
Zone 13 - Exterior door------------------------TYPE 6
Zone 14 - Interior motion - entry-----------TYPE 4
Zone 15 - Interior motion----------------------TYPE 4
Zone 16 - Heat detector------------------------TYPE 8
Zone 17 - Heat detector------------------------TYPE 8

Location 23 Seg 1 Item 3 has a dash through it, so I assume that means the feature isn't enabled. Can motions be set for type 6? When the the system is armed, and zones 9, 10 and 15 are tripped, it should create an immediate alarm. The only motion that we'd need an entry delay on is zone 14. Would I leave that as type 4?

Thanks for the continued help with this!
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If the motions are set for zone type 4, then it doesn't matter if the panel arms in stay mode, because they won't be bypassed .

From the installer manual zone type description: "Instant when the system is armed and no entry or exit delays are being timed. It is delayed 1 time during entry and exit. It does not automatically bypass even if enabled in segment 1 of Location 23."

Installer manual:

Yes, you _can_ set the motions for zone type 6, but there is no functional benefit; and the motions will chime if the chime function is turned on...

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